Croopzy Reviews {March 2022} Is This Authentic Or A Scam?

The article shows many details on Croopzy Reviews, and it will aid you in judging the honest identity of this site.

Do you want to make your life easy and better? If yes, Croopzy store is the most suitable option for all the working men and women. This store in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom and famous in other parts, sells all the comforting goods.

Before you buy from this store, you can check Croopzy Reviews, its trust factors, and other legitimacy details to know if this website is real or fake. To know its reality, our today’s post will help you a lot.

Brief of Croopzy store

Croopzy store is an online website and webshop where you can find various items, and by following some small steps, you can order many items just by sitting at your home. As we all know, every person is working, and they hardly have any time to focus on household and other day-to-day tasks. So they have brought some products that you need. We will discuss Is Croopzy Legit, but we will share a list of their items before that. 

  • Wireless charger for car 
  • Phone holders
  • Flying UFO toy Drone
  • Belly band Holster
  • Hair Straightener

Everyone in their daily life needs all these items. You can get these products at an affordable range.


  • Buy flying toy UFO drone from
  • Email ID:
  • Location: 71-75 Shelton Street, Greater London, United Kingdom, WC2H 9JQ.
  • Phone number: +(949)4095748
  • We researched a lot on this store, and gladly we found some good responses and star ratings by the buyers in their articles. Also, we got some good Croopzy Reviews on the review site on the internet.
  • Return/refund policy:
  • This website shows a free return and refund policy of one month if you receive a damaged or defective product or in case you receive the wrong item.
  • Perishable items are non-returnable.
  • The website offers free standard shipping worldwide. Maximum delivery taken is 45 business days.
  • Payment methods: Visa, Apple Pay, Amex, Master Card.

Positive Highlights

  • Email, location and telephone data are provided.
  • Free worldwide shipping is offered.
  • Good reviews were available on the collection.
  • 24/7 shoppers support service is available.

Negative Highlights

  • The owner’s identity is missing.
  • No social connection was found.

Is Croopzy Legit?

Croopzy store aims in easing the lives of many people, but instead of making your life better, such online websites can steal your calmness and peace of your life through frauds and scams. Not every website is a scam, but it is also true that not every website is legit. There are certain brackets under which all the websites can be classified according to their legitimacy and honesty. Let’s discuss it.

  • Domain life expectancy: Croopzy was discovered on 23rd June 2021. This site is about six months old. 
  • Registrar: The registrar’s name of is, LLC.
  • Trust Score: The Index of Trust is 8% which is not too good. It comes under the Very Bad Trust Factor.
  • Buyer’s feedback: There were many positive Croopzy Reviews shown on the items of this store. Fortunately, some good opinions and ratings were also found on the internet on some review sites.
  • Social connections: They lacked any social media pages on any social platforms. This means that this website has no popularity on social media.
  • Data safety: SSL and HTTPS are used for secure payments and safe data transfer for the safety of their customers.
  • Privacy policy: Croopzy Store has mentioned all its legal terms and conditions. Also, other policies like an exchange, return, refund, shipping were mentioned in their layout.
  • Missing information: Email, location, and phone number were found, but one of the important detail owner’s identity was hidden from the layout.

Croopzy Reviews

Croopzy is a quite good store as it mentioned some important information like Telephone number, address and email id. But, they didn’t provide their owner’s identity. Also, they lacked social media pages as they do not have any pages. Gladly, we could find some good responses of their shoppers on their website and other review sites on the internet. This shows the interest of their shoppers in their products.

Unfortunately, the website is not so renowned as it got a poor ranking On Alexa. You can get more data on credit card scams and how to get a return through this post. 

Final Summary

Our research on Croopzy Reviews informed us that this website is only six months old. It cannot be trusted as this shop failed in one of the important trust factors, as it got a bad trust percentage. You can find more details oncleaning Brush on this page.  

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2 thoughts on “Croopzy Reviews {March 2022} Is This Authentic Or A Scam?”

  1. Croopzy is a scam. I ordered 1 package on Dec 30,2021. It’s Jan 19, 2022. I’ve been waiting about 20 days. No package still. Nothing is coming. The phone number is fake. If you call it, it rings one time and hangs up on you. The email support team will not answer questions about the date you will receive your package, the days you have remaining to keep waiting, the actual current location of your package. No valid communication is given to any customers about their package. Packages are taking 4 days to 7 days the longest to be delivered from the United States postal service so for this croopzy business to take over 20 days is unacceptable. This is a scam for sure. Do not order from croopzy. They are a scam. Your package never comes to you. I’m so sad and disgusted at the scams going on during this pandemic when people are at their most vulnerable state financially and emotionally and now there are lies with online orders. Terrible . This company will be reported to the better business bureau. Do not order from croopzy.

    • Hello Ilene, thanks for the overall guidance and suggestion. Your feedback will be useful to other buyers as well. It is necessary to keep watch on them. Please let us know further updates. Take care. Regards.


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