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This post on Crept Wordle will guide the readers on the scalable details and the meaning of the word Crept.

Have you solved wordle number 343? Are you finding it difficult to solve? If you haven’t solved this word puzzle yet, this post will help you. Many gamers Worldwide are searching for the hints and solutions of Crept Wordle. It is not at all hard to guess the word as it has a very simple meaning. 

This post will tell you the answer to wordle number 343. If you are looking for hints, kindly check the details below.

Is Crept Solution for the 343rd wordle?

The solution of Wordle number 343 is ‘CREPT’. A few players successfully guessed the answer, but some of the players were not on the right track and were thinking of other words starting from ‘Cr’, like crack, crate, crawl, craft, etc. The word was quite complicated to guess as it has a single vowel which creates suspension among the players.

Crept Deutsch

Crept in Deutsch refers to ‘schlich’, which generally means creep, slink, etc. In simple words, it means to crawl or move slowly. People are talking about this word as everyone gets confused with the actual meaning, and it becomes difficult for them to guess the word. Crept is the solution to today’s wordle. Due to this, they were searching for this word. 

If you are one of them, who does not know the meaning, you can check from here and can know the correct answer of wordle. Furthermore, we will provide some hints and tips to crack the answer.

Tips to solve 343 Crept Wordle

It was quite a difficult task for some players to solve this wordle. But we will make it easy for you. Here we are providing some hints that will help you to get a better understanding of the wordle number 343.

  • This word has one vowel in the middle.
  • The word starts with ‘Cr’.
  • It has a synonym crawl.
  • It rhymes with the words slept, swept, etc.

We hope these hints are sufficient to help you in solving this puzzle. Further, we will share some more words starting with the ‘Cr’ sound. So, kindly stay tuned.

More words with ‘Cr’

While solving Crept Wordle, people were guessing some more words starting with the ‘Cr’ digraph. If you do not want to jump to the answer directly, you can guess more words like a creep, crawl, cramp, crack, crook, crate, craze, crept, etc. We hope that it will help you.


Summing up here, we have found the right answer to wordle 343. If you are unable to complete today’s challenge, then you can read some hints from this post. Also, you will find some more words with the ‘cr’ sound. So, kindly have a look at all of them. Please check this link to know what the word Crept means.

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