Creative Ways To Save Money On A Wedding (June) Read Now

Creative Ways To Save Money On A Wedding (June) Read Now >> Read this blog to get an idea of how you can save money during the wedding. 

Hello guys! We hope everything is great with you and your family. We hope that this pandemic has not affected you and your family in any sense. We all get married once in our lives, and we expect it to be the best and the most memorable day of our life.

But these days, weddings have become very expensive. You need to make huge expenses in various areas in a wedding ceremony. It leads to a puncture in our bank balance. Hence, we have come up with several ideas which can help you reduce the expenses incurred during a marriage. After peer interaction with several wedding professionals, our team has prepared this article on Creative Ways To Save Money On A Wedding.

Expenses that Incur in a Wedding:

A wedding flowers day comes once in a lifetime. So, we all expect to shape it in the best way and make it the most enjoyable & memorable day of our life. But, all the things required to make this day ultimate are expensive and eats a huge chunk of our life savings. An average costing behind a medium-level traditional marriage is $32,000-35,000.

Here all need to be a bit conscious while preparing for the marriage and also need to frame a budget. Following is the list of the arrangements required during a marriage, along with an average costing required to make them: 

  • Venue: The ground/banquet hall booked for the marriage will cost you something around $15,000.
  • Invitations: The cards printed for the invitation might sum up to $500.
  • Outfits: The average costing required behind the groom/bride wedding outfit is about $1,509
  • Flowers & Décor: The expense incurred for decorations might sum up to $2,379.
  • Food & Catering: It is one of the major chunks of expense that is something around $70 per guest. You need to make the entire arrangement perfect with delicious dishes but also within budget. 
  • Cake & Desserts: The sweets and the wedding cake will cost something around $540

Creative Ways To Save Money On A Wedding 

To reduce the overhead expenses occurring during the wedding, one must clearly understand its priorities and allocation of the available budget. Hence, the first step should always be of setting the priorities and setting up a budget for every heading, under the marriage.

The following tips might help to save your money without sacrificing even an ounce related to style.

  • Venue
  • Plan the wedding on a weekday, rather than the weekend.
  • One should go for a non-traditional location for the wedding.
  • Invitations
  • Go for the paperless invitation method.
  • Prepare your style and print it on your own.


  • Go for rental outfits.
  • Prefer buying it from a departmental store.
  • Borrow the required accessories.

Flowers and Decorations

  • Go for the seasonal blooms.
  • Select flowers with a large bloom that will cover more space and require less quantity.

Food & catering

  • Compare multiple catering options.
  • Design your menu.
  • Limit your starters and drink options.

Cake & desserts

  • Choose a short and simple cake.
  • You can buy a store cake and dress it up according to your needs.
  • Go for some non-traditional dessert option.

Benefits of saving money:

Who on this globe does not want to save money? One can reduce the expenses occurring during its wedding and channel the saved amount into the following options suggested below. Here are the benefits of Creative Ways To Save Money On A Wedding. 

  • The couple can use this money for their future planning.
  • One can channel this amount into its business venture or dream business.
  • The couple can utilize this money and plan their vacation to a better location.
  • The couple can use this money to buy their dream house.
  • One can save this amount for a better future for their children.


After going through this article, we are sure that readers must be now aware of several ways which can help them save their penny while planning a wedding. Apart from the above options, the couple can opt for registration or court marriage option, and then throw a reception party for close ones in family and friends.

It is also suggested that you plan your wedding precisely and execute it in a disciplined manner to avoid loss of any resources.

Apart from that, if you want to get some tips on saving money each month from salary, the article. One must also avoid wastage of food and energy during marriages.

All the above-mentioned suggestions will help you conduct a grand wedding along with saving a lot of money.  Do you want to know more details? Read here.

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