Creative Mayhem Fortnite Code {Feb} Find Event Details!

The article will discuss the ongoing event in the Fortnite game and tell how to use the Creative Mayhem Fortnite Code to participate in the event.

Do you follow and play Fortnite games? Are you aware of the second edition of the Creative Mayhem? As we have seen earlier in the Fortnite game, the developer never fails to entertain its players. This time also continuing engagement to its players, Fortnite has taken advantage of the love month.

They have designed an event, “Creative Mayhem,” for gamers all around, including the United States and the United Kingdom. In addition, the event allows players to get some rewards. For the full details, continue reading Creative Mayhem Fortnite Code.

What is Creative Mayhem?

The Creative Mayhem is an event in the Fortnite game that started with Valentine’s week this year. Yes, from 7th February, yesterday, the event kicked off. It will allow players to speedrun through maps to see who can compete at the best time. The event is themed “Love is in the Air.” For details on rewards and how to play, let us read more.

How do you get a chance to play with your favourite creators?

For this, you have been given a period from 7th February to 14th February to submit your map. Also, you will need the Creative Mayhem Fortnite Code. So, if you qualify, you have to play with the creator of your choice.

Steps to follow:

  • If you have an Epic Games account, then sign in.
  • Play using Creative Mayhem map.
  • To enter the map, you need an Island code that we will discuss in the next section.
  • Record your information on the map.
  • Next, choose the creator of your choice and the region.
  • Upload the video of Synthrace Qualifier and share the link on the website.
  • Next, whatever the players have submitted will be reviewed.
  • The reviewing period is from 14th February to 22nd February.
  • So, next, they will be selecting the qualifying participants.

Creative Mayhem Fortnite Code and how to use it?

You first have to launch the game in creative mode to use the code. Next, you have to move to the discovery game selection screen. Here, you can enter the island code: 7266-3680-0768. As soon as you press enter and the code is valid, it will show the Island.

You can confirm and then load the Island. Alternatively, you can head directly to the featured Island and enter the code. Next, play for a minimum of 30 minutes between 7th to 14th February and bag your Love Reigns emoticon. Another reward you will get is “Mace of Heart Pickaxe.”

About the main event and prize:

After you follow the Creative Mayhem Fortnite Code, the selected qualifiers compete against their favourite creators and community. The cash prize is worth $10000 and not a piece of cake to earn.

One creator and community will participate in the Global Finals, and the winner will be announced on 12th March 2022. Remember the qualifier dates of your region:

  • Poland, France, Italy, and Germany: 26th February to 27th, 2022: 
  • The Middle East, North America, Russia, and Spain: 26th February to 27th, 2022
  • South America, Australia, Japan, and Brazil: From 5th March to 6th, 2022.


That is everything about Creative Mayhem Fortnite Code, how to use and where to compete. Check out the list of content creators participating across various regions here.  

Are you excited to participate in the event? Tell us in the comment section the region to which you belong. the similar interesting news on

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