Cookie Run Kingdom Anniversary {Jan 2022} Players Curiosity!

The article is about the Cookie Run Kingdom Anniversary, for which many gamers from other games are coming to play.

Do you like playing gacha games? It is something that includes spending in-game currency for receiving virtual items. But do you like role-playing games? Cookie run Kingdom is a gacha role-playing game. Players across the United Kingdom, United States, and the Philippines are crazy about this game.

Many of them are now leaving other games and start playing Cookie Run. Do you also want to know what is so special in the game? We will tell you here in Cookie Run Kingdom Anniversary details.

What is Cookie Run Kingdom?

Cookie Run Kingdom has over 10M players and runs on multiple sections. It is a free-to-play Roleplaying Game released by Devsisters. Cookie Run Kingdom follows its other two series PuzzleWorld and OvenBreak.

The latest series is based on the concept of beloved cookie run characters. Just like other gacha games, it follows multiple sections and in-game currency.

Different modes in the game:

Story Mode:

Here players have to follow Wizard Cookie, Gingerbrave, Chili Pepper Cookie, Custard Cookie III in standard mode.

Arena Battle:

Start battle with other players in the arena and list on the top.

Tower of sweet chaos:

We will read about Cookie Run Kingdom Anniversary details, but a tower of sweet chaos is the latest added mode they can unlock once they clear stages 4-12 in the exploration world.

Dark mode:

As the name suggests, it becomes more difficult after clearing the level and starting from the story mode episode. In addition, players earn cookie Soulstones when they are clearing levels.


This mode gives a chance to level up skills.

The game in adventure, Kingdom, trade, PvP, and guilds with the characters like heroes, GingerBrave, legends, villains, and others is on the list.

 Why is Cookie Run Kingdom Anniversary in the news

There are many reasons why people are leaving the game, especially Genshin Impact and playing Cookie Run. One among them is anniversary events standard and lack handful of rewards to celebrate such a big event.

Apart from this, the recent character Kokomi has left the fan disappointed. In addition, Cookie Run Kingdom provides the additional in-game currency for even the smallest event. Above all, Genshin Impact does not even have a decent PR to manage the anniversary story.

Even the voice actors working on Genshin Impact also work for Cookie Run, so players have found a familiar voice and don’t have to worry about it.

What are the player’s reactions to Cookie Run Kingdom Anniversary?

Many players showed their anger towards Genshin Impact and said CRK creators are more generous and provide better rewards and upgrades. One player said at least you don’t have a “fear of missing out” if you stay a long time off from the Cookie Run Kingdom.


It seems players are not in favor of Genshin Impact, and they are turning towards the Cookie Run Kingdom game. But it is not possible to turn all players towards the Cookie Run Kingdom . It will be interesting to see how Cookie Run Kingdom Anniversary impacts the players.

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