Conzuri Reviews {Sep} Is This Site Legit Or Another Scam

In this post, we have discussed the Conzuri shoe selling site and determined its authenticity through Conzuri Reviews.

Are you searching for a shoe brand that sells online Worldwide? A variety of footwear is available from several online shoe retailers in the United States. On the other side, many people lack transparency and effectiveness. Consequently, before utilising a shoe website, purchasers should educate themselves.

This article will look at Conzuri Reviews, talk about the Conzuri footwear brand, and rate the website. Please read this page for a comprehensive description of the site and its functions.

Brief Check of Conzuri

Conzuri is a shoe company’s internet portal. The business is a webshop selling specialist high-soled shoes. They now have fresh and stylish goods for everyone. Customers benefit from substantial savings on the selling shoe site, which is why it has lately gained popularity.

  • Boots for Women
  • Shoes for Women
  • Sandals for Women
  • Boots for Men
  • Shoes for Men
  • Sandals for Men
  • Boots and Shoes for Boys
  • Boots and Shoes for Women
  • Comfortable Shoes
  • Slides 
  • Insoles

Let’s take a closer look at Is conzuri shoes Legit. To conduct such an assessment, we must look at other factors such as features, quality, and customer feedback.

Features of Conzuri Site

  • Buy products at:
  • Official E-mail address: 
  • Official Phone Number: +1 (888) 255 6618 & +44 20 3885 0895
  • Official Address: Not provided. 
  • Owner’s details of the Site: The owner of the shoe business has yet to be identified.
  • Social Media Links: Two social media accounts are linked in Conzuri. Only one is active, while the other is not. One of the social accounts is Facebook, and another is Instagram. This should be considered when evaluating Is conzuri shoes Legit.
  • Delivery policy: There is no data relating to any delivery fee on the site. 
  • Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions: Yes, present both the terms and policies are clearly mentioned.
  • Shipping: Orders are delivered in 3-14 days, based on your location.
  • Tracking of products: Within 48 hours, you will receive tracking information. 
  • Cancellation and Returns: Provides a one-month money-back guarantee. There is no declared cancellation policy.
  • Refund: Within 3-5 working days, a refund is issued from the respective authority of the site.
  • Payment mode: The shoe brand accepts Amex, Apple Pay, Giro Pay, GPay, Klarna, PayPal, OPay, & Visa for payment on orders. 

Conzuri Reviews on Positive Highlights 

  • Accepts various pay modes. 

Negative Highlight 

  • No cancellation policy or delivery fee was mentioned. 
  • Is Conzuri Scam or Legit? 
  • Creation of Domain: The Conzuri website domain name was established on December 23, 2019.
  • Website Age: For 2 years, 4 months, and 19 days Conzuri has been in operation.
  • Website Expiry: The recognised domain of the shop will end on December 23, 2023.
  • Country of Site’s origin: Although the domain was acquired in Lambeth, United Ki[ngdom, the site makes no reference to a location.
  • Trustworthiness: Conzuri has a high trust rating of 86 per cent and a low global Alexa position of 498429. The above-said data should be stated in Conzuri Reviews.
  • Data Safety:  An Https Secure communication channel has been confirmed to safeguard the information from the website. Nevertheless, this is not a guarantee of successful security.
  • Proximity to Suspicious Websites: 7/100.
  • Threat Profile: Not available. 
  • Phishing Score: Not available. 
  • Malware Score: Not available. 
  • Spam Score: Not available. 
  • Social relations of the Site: The Conzuri site has some social media presence. Out of the two profiles, the Facebook profile is not active, and the Instagram profile is quite active, with over 9k followers. This data is to be included while assessing the authenticity of the site. 

Customer Review 

There are many Conzuri Reviews on the web. There are over a thousand reviews on Amazon that have mixed product reviews. Also, there are many customer reviews on Trustpilot. 

There are YouTube reviews and online reviews too. The site also has a good Alexa score. Still, we suggest you be aware of Credit Card Scams

Final Verdict 

The Conzuri site seems to be legit with a good trust score, reviews and low threat profile. So, we suggest buying products from the store but after reading reviews. Also, we suggest reading up on PayPal Scams which are rising too much. 

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