Common Plumbing Problems And Tips On How To Fix Them

Common Plumbing Problems: Problems around the home are not too uncommon but when they do happen it’s quite an ordeal to handle them especially if you have little to no experience in fixing those problems. But what if there was a simple and easy guide out there to give you at least the basics on what to do when you do experience these problems? Well, here it is. Thanks to the professional plumbers in Baulkham Hill, they have given us the rundown on the common plumbing problems around the house and how to fix them. So, if you’re a new homeowner wanting to learn some new tricks and wanting to be prepared for whatever might happen to your home or you might be a seasoned homeowner just wanting a little refresher, this is the list for you.

Drip Drip Drip

Leaks (from either faucets or pipes) are some of the most common plumbing problems that any homeowner could have in their home and can be caused by a whole plethora of reasons, from loose valves up to the expansion of the pipes themselves due to extreme heat or cold. If not immediately addressed then they can put a strain not just on your home but also on your wallet. In any case, some tips that you can use to prevent leaks are: regularly inspecting the pipes for any wear and tear indicating small puddle forming at their base replacing the worn-out washers in faucets tightening loose valves hiring a professional plumber to help reseal some of the more intricate leaks that you might find.

Is Your Toilet Running?

A runny toilet happens when the flapper valve inside the toilet is no longer working properly. It can be that the valve doesn’t fit properly anymore. Another reason why the toilet is running is that the floater inside the tank is imbalanced, or even if the fill tube is loose. You can check for yourself if your toilet is running by adding some food color to the water inside the tank and wait and see if the color leaks into the bowl.

Before fixing the problem, make sure you identify which part to repair first. If the valve flapper is the problem, then you can check to see if the chain attached to it is the proper length and is not tangled and if it doesn’t fit properly anymore replace it. If the floater is the problem, then simple adjustments are needed to make sure that the fill valve is shut properly.

Water Heaters

Another common problem for homeowners is their water heaters breaking down. These modern-day marvels are indispensable in any household, so when it does break down it might feel that something is missing. Problems with these devices are usually easy to spot. It’s either puddles of water forming at their base, knocking sounds inside the water heater itself, or even sedimentary build-up within the water heater. These are some of the usual things that are usually called into the emergency plumber at Bossley Park, and a simple and easy way to handle them is to flush out the device using clean water to help remove any debris that may be inside it and even reduce the heat in which you usually use the water heater.

All Clogged Up  

The plumbing of a house can be considered as the blood vessels of the home. With transporting fluids all around the house and keeping the home moving, it’s always an annoying time whenever you have a clog in your pipes. This is a frequent problem any household would face, especially if the people living within the home continuously dump food and other wastes down the drain. The biggest factor that contributes to the blockage of the pipes is carelessly dumping grease into them. With the stuff sticking to the insides of the pipes and accumulating smaller pieces of waste like food scraps and then hardening. Common ways in dealing with blockages like these are to NOT use any toxic chemicals to dissolve the mass because they will also be harmful to the pipes. An alternative would be to gently pour boiling hot water down the pipe to help soften and liquefy whatever it is that’s blocking the pipes.

Not Enough Pressure

Another common problem called in at any hour to the emergency plumbers at Bexley is the decrease in water pressure in the household. This is a more common problem to happen in older houses since the plumbing in those places has seen better days. They could be a result of a leak in the main pipe or just a build-up that creates a blockage in your faucets or shower heads. Simple ways in removing the build-up are to unscrew your shower heads or the ends of the faucets and soak them in a vinegar solution overnight to loosen up the grime then scrub them off using a toothbrush. For the possible leak in your main line, have your professional plumber take a look at it and see if it needs to be replaced or resealed.


Simple plumbing problems are easily fixed especially if you have a guide like these to help you in the process but more complex problems may arise so don’t be scared to call your professional licensed plumber to help. 

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