Comfmet Reviews {Aug} Is This A Legitimate Website?

This post on Comfmet Reviews will explain all the website’s features, legitimacy, and positive and negative traits.

Do you like necklaces? Are you looking for a shop to buy necklaces? If yes, then we got a fantastic website for you. Comfmet shop provides unique feminine necklaces at affordable rates. People from Worldwide can shop from this website.

Readers are advised to read this post on Comfmet Reviews before shopping from this website to understand the legitimacy of the website.


Comfmet is an online marketplace that deals in necklaces for women. Other than necklaces, they also provide some random products for daily use. They aim to provide the best quality products possible. They also provide a hundred percent satisfaction guarantee for all the people who might think online shopping is intimidating. Other than this, they have unique products. Some of the products sold by them are mentioned below:

  • Lucky heart necklace with six eternal roses
  • Eternal heart necklace
  • Crown letter necklace
  • Plush animals
  • Bear water bottle
  • Dazzle bucket bag
  • Hair eraser

Is Comfmet Legit? Comfmet claims to sell great quality products and provides a money-back guarantee. However, we cannot trust this website based on its claims. We need to confirm this claim by understanding more about this website. Customers need to be cautious of scams on the web. Customers should take a few necessary steps to avoid scams; they should also ensure not to share personal credentials on a hidden website.

Traits of Comfmet shop

  • URL:
  • Email address:
  • Customer care number: The company has not provided its contact number on the website
  • Headquarters: Qinlei, longhuaquminzhijiedao 1970wenhuachuangyichanyeyuanbdong308 Shenzhen, 518000 Guangdong, China
  • Reviews: We could not find any Comfmet Reviews on the official website of the shop
  • Return policy: Comfmet’s return policy is available for 30 days after the purchase of the product
  • Refund policy: The exact days for refund are not mentioned on the website
  • Shipping Policy: The order can be received by customers within 5 to 20 business days 
  • Payment Policy: Amex, google pay, discover, meta, MasterCard, paypal, shop pay, and visa are some of the payment options available on the website

Positive traits

  • The email address and headquarters of the shop are provided on the website

Negative traits

  • The phone number and the exact days for the refund are not accessible on the website.

Is Comfmet Legit?

Comfmet sells great designs of products at affordable rates. However, before purchasing from this website, buyers need to make sure that they read all the necessary information about the website, so it becomes easier for customers to determine if the website is worth their purchase or not. This information can help the customers to stay away from any fraudulent activities. Some of the information that can be helpful for customers are listed below:

  • Website formation: Comfmet was registered on 13th December 2021, which means that this website is not even one year old
  • Registrar: Tucows Domains Inc. is the registrar of Comfmet.
  • Buyer’s feedback: No Comfmet Reviews are available on the shop’s official website. Also, there were no reviews on the online review sites.
  • Trust score: Comfmet has an abysmal trust score of 8% which means that this website is very doubtful.
  • Social media accounts: Comfmet does not have any social media accounts per the website.
  • Privacy policy: Almost all the policies that are necessary for buyers to shop, like privacy policy, shipping policy, return and refund policy, and terms of service, are available on the official website of the shop.
  • Missing information: The shop’s customer care number and social media accounts were not available on the official website. 

Comfmet Reviews

Comfmet is a genuine website, given its email address and location on the official website. However, we cannot impulsively trust this website because this website does not have any reviews on the official website or online review sites. This means that it is difficult to decide whether their products are of good quality or not. Also, we cannot determine whether we can trust this website regarding payment. Besides all this, the website has excellent designs and competitive prices. Buyers can inspect credit card scams through this website.


To end this post on Comfmet Reviews, we can say that this website is very new and has an inferior trust score and low life expectancy. Also, we didn’t find any reviews on the website. Hence, we do not recommend and we can say that buyers need to be very careful while shopping on this website. Kindly visit this page to know more about necklaces 

Was this post helpful in judging the legitimacy of the website? Kindly drop your valuable feedback in the comment section. Customers can take a look at measures to avoid PayPal scammers.

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