Colinskeirs Reviews {}May} Is This A Legit Site Or Not?

Colinskeirs Online Website Reviews

Heed attention to this informative article below if you are looking for an update on Colinskeirs Reviews. 

Are you thinking of upgrading your fashion quo and looking for information about an affordable e-commerce store? Then your search has finally sound answers. As this article specifically talks about the e-commerce store for fashion items called Colinskeirs.

The promise of worldwide delivery, especially in the United States, sounds like nothing less than a dream. Hence we decide to check out this platform and see how much truth it holds via this Colinskeirs Reviews article. 

About Colinskeirs

Before we proceed to test if its legit or not, it is equally important that we get to know basic details about the website and its company. According to the information presented on the official website, the company is said to have been in the market since 2018. 

They claim to be number one in high-quality products and their reasonable pricing. The website aims to provide the latest high-quality fashion products to its customers from factories. With such a claim, its not surprising if you would start to think, Is Colinskeirs Legit 


  • The Colinskeirs website link is
  • The forum concentrates on fashionable shoes and clothes. 
  • The creation of the domain was on 10 August 2020. 
  • The email address present on the website is 
  • The website doesn’t have the company’s contact number. 
  • The company address is also absent from the website. 
  • The website has a newsletter facility for the website’s customers. 
  • The company has a product shipment policy of 8-14 days. 
  • The company offers free shipping for orders above $59 worldwide, including in the United States
  • According to this Colinskeirs Reviews, the company offers returns and exchanges within 30 days of receiving the item. 
  • The company offers refunds; however, the number of days for the refund is not specified.  
  • Social media icons are not available. 
  • The company offers payment options, including American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Maestro. It also has a PayPal option for payment.  

Pros from the website 

  1. The website has a different range of fashion items. 
  2. A user-friendly interface of the website. 

Cons from the website 

  1. The website lacks information about the founder and company address. 
  2. Not mentioned any social media links on the website. 
  3. No customer review on the website. 

Is Colinskeirs Legit

Before we make up our mind about shopping or not shopping from here, let’s go through some points to decide if its legit. Below are some points to assist you with the decision: 

  1. The domain came into the online world on 10 August 2020. It implies that the website is 1 year, 8 months and 19 days old. 
  2. The domain will expire on 10 August 2022. 
  3. The platform had no social media icons; hence we conclude that it doesn’t have any official social media links. 
  4. The webpage doesn’t have any Colinskeirs Reviews uploaded. 
  5. The content of the official platform doesn’t look authentic or original. 
  6. The information about the company’s founder is lacking on the official page. 
  7. The declared policies on the website are unclear.  
  8. The website’s trust score is 17 out of 100, which calls for suspicion. 
  9. The trust index of the website is 60% which means its average. 
  10. The website’s Alexa rank in the online market is 3284287, reaching 3362500. 
  11. The website offers a discount that may seem unreasonable. 

Reviews of customer

Concerning our search, we found that the official website of the Colinskeirs has yet to post any of the Colinskeirs Reviews. However, external sites have posted reviews about the items and services of this website. Some external sites have posted only positive reviews about the website. 

However, it has got complaints about the customer services. The website’s reviews are also missing from trusted and popular review sites. Want to get an insight into how not to fall for Paypal scams? Then read. 


Therefore, to sum up, everything mentioned so far, we would advise the readers to be cautious of the Colinskeirs website. The website has mixed reviews and mostly has crucial information omitted. Hence based on Colinskeirs Reviews it will be best to either stay away from the website or be diligent with your research about the website. Want to find out ways to get a refund on Credit Card payments? Then read. 

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  1. I have been trying for weeks 2 get someone from this company to answer my emails about an over charge . No one has answered any of them. Any suggestions. Also their sizing is way off.

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