Cloat Wordle {June 2022} Is It The Correct Answer?

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Please read the article on Cloat Wordle to get detailed information about #367 Wordle’s answer.

Have you ever played the famous Wordle game? Did you also stumble upon a word in the game and wonder its meaning? If yes, then welcome to the Wordle world. Thousands of people play this game daily, and it is extremely popular in countries like Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, India, United States, etc. The word ‘Cloat’ has been trending worldwide, most probably by the Wordle players.

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Is Cloat Wordle the correct answer?

Wordle’s popularity is a no joke now. Unlike games usually played by youngsters or teenagers, this word guessing game has reached every age group and almost every corner of this world. 

Since it is a game everyone takes seriously, many unlucky people could not find the correct answer to Wordle #367. The answer for 21 June 2022 was ‘GLOAT’. However, many people mistook it for CLOAT. And now, the word Cloat is trending. Some are generally wondering what Cloat means and its usage. 

Is Cloat a Word?

Are you wondering what Cloat means or if that word even exists? You might be aware of the answer ‘GLOAT’ of Wordle 367, asked on 21 June. Gloat means enjoying, taking pleasure in, delighting in, or relishing. So what does it mean to call someone a gloat? The answer is that when someone’s gloating, they are showing great pleasure in their success or at someone’s failure in a rather unpleasant or arrogant way.

There is no such word as CLOAT. However, the word CLOUT exists, meaning hitting especially with the hands or signifies political power and influence. You might not have been able to find the Cloat Definition, but we are here to help you with a few other similar words and their meanings.

Similar Words

One such word that may look similar to CLOAT is CLOOT. 

  • Cloot means a cloven hoof, the horny covering of the end of the foot in the horse and deer.
  • CLOOP refers to the sound made when a cork is forcibly taken out from a bottle.
  • CLOT means lump, clump, mass, like a blood clot. It is also used for a clumsy or foolish person. 
  • CLOMP refers to walking heavily or noisily loud steps.

With the help of Cloat Wordle, you could find some new words and their meanings. One of these may be in your next Wordle, so make sure to win next time.


We have provided all the information about Wordle’s 367 challenge. Sometimes, Wordle will make you guess words you are unfamiliar with, and this could be frustrating and tricky. In such confusing situations, words like GLOAT are sometimes guessed wrongly as CLOAT. You can try Wordle for free, which is available on the NYT website.

Please check this link to learn more about Wordle 21 June 2022 answer.

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