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What is Clay Advisors? Clay Advisors is a debt consolidation company in the United States that aims to help people who are paying multiple debts at high-interest rates. Clay Advisors serves people who have at least $15,000 of debt at high-interest rates, and the FICO scores of such individuals are between 420 to 740. 

Clay Advisors consolidates all types of loans and bills, including student loans, auto loans, mortgages, etc. Let’s check Clay Advisors Reviews below.

Reviews on Clay Advisors:

The reviews on Clay Advisors by various reliable websites give neutral feedback. There is a considerable number of customers who were satisfied with their services. However, a huge number of complaints were reported in 2020. Most of the negative reviews by the clients were related to the way of resolving debt issues.

The clients had an impression that Clay Advisors simply provides solutions that have been well known for decades to the common man, such as saving 25% of individual income every month, creating and maintaining contingency funds to meet emergencies, carefully planning individual monthly budgets, etc.

Clay Advisors Reviews:

The clients felt that there was nothing new and special that Clay Advisors offered compared to any other debt consolidation agencies. But, they charge considerably for their fee. 

Clay Advisors is known by different names such as White Mountain Partners, Alamo Associates, Colony Associates, Pine Advisors, etc. Like any other debt consolidation agency, Clay Advisors also consolidates all your monthly bills, payments, and loans into a single payment disbursed once every month.

Positive highlights:

This process gives relief as Clay Advisors also arranges loan and bill payments at a lower interest rate. Clay Advisors Reviews ascertained that the individuals would not get multiple and overwhelming calls from creditors due to on-time payments to the creditors. 

It will ease the debtor’s life and relief stress caused due to harassing follow-ups. The Clay Advisors marketed itself extensively, due to which millions of people received their messages, emails, and letters.

How does it work?

You can register for the services of Clay Advisors at There is a simple registration process to enter your details, credit card debt, total debt from loans and mortgages, monthly individual and household income, and interest rates. 

Clay Advisors Reviews determined that the website will accept the registration and provide you with information about affordable consolidated loans, the lowest interest rates, monthly payments, and the time frame for paying off the debt. 

The representative from Clay Advisors will contact you for further servicing options including tips on managing and maintaining your finances.

Conclusion: has a good 86% trust score, an average 58.4% business rank, low 28% proximity to suspicious websites, and a poor 4,968,549 Alexa Ranking, suggesting that Clay Advisors is a legitimate service provider. The website was registered in the USA on 28th October 2019 and expires on 28th October 2023, suggesting a long life expectancy. 

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