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The post talks about City Wide Towing Coutts and elaborates on the reason for the incident.

The Coutts in Alberta, Canada, has been in the news for three days. According to sources, the borders have been blocked due to the protest against the COVID-19 rules laid down for the truckers. Furthermore, the protest has been going on for three days in a row, wherein the RCMP is yet to crack negotiation with drivers to clear the roads.

The very news has been trending on the internet and leaving no room for any uncalled speculation; we herein bring you complete information on City Wide Towing Coutts. Read the entire article below.

What is Coutts?

Coutts is a village in Canada that comprises a total population of about 250 people. However, as per sources, over 20 children missed reaching their classes on 31 January 2022, that is Monday, as the school bus did not run concerning the safety of children pertaining to the protest in the borders.

Besides, the trucks ferrying goods around and across the border had also to wait or end up in dead-end looking for another route.’

We will elaborate on what City Wide Towing Coutts is and the current situation in the coming sections. So, continue reading the article.

More Information On Towing Coutts

  • As per sources, the protest demands the government to lift COVID-19 public health measures.
  • Recent demonstrations were started opposing Washington and Ottawa’s imposing strict vaccination mandates on truckers for crossing the borders.
  • Besides, the demonstration also included the compulsory wearing of masks and immunization for a broader population.
  • As per the current status, the authorities search for truck towing companies who can assist in clearing the trucks from the Coutts border.

City Wide Towing Coutts – What is The Current Progress?

On researching further into the status of the blockade, it was highlighted that many local towing companies received requests on Sunday to assist the RCMP in hauling away the trucks. However, it was reported that many smaller companies declined to serve help or get involved in the hauling with the pretext of maintaining their reputation.

The blockade is performed to protest the COVID-19 vaccination mandate and immunization to cross the borders. It has led to many truckers blockading the area, causing City Wide Towing Coutts. As per the latest update, the blockade is still on, and the protest continues, with many truckers participating in the feat.

Final Conclusion

The border is crossed by approximately 800 to 1200 trucks each day. Besides, 52% of gross domestic products are delivered to Alberta through trucks. Moreover, the protest is seen laying its effect on the economy and business. 

Grant Hunter, the MLA for Taber Warner, posted a photo on Facebook speaking about bringing his grandkids to the Coutts border to teach them the importance of fighting for freedom and liberty.

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