Cintex Wireless Reviews (March 2022) What You Should Know?

The post talks about Cintex Wireless Reviews to offer users a complete understanding of its legitimacy.

Who wouldn’t like to purchase electronics at lower costs? However, plenty of websites claim to offer wireless services that can help you win many exciting prizes ranging from smartphones to cell phone services.

One such service is Cintex Wireless who is a trending service provider in the United States. Yet, with so many websites offering similar services, it is necessary to conduct in-depth research to ensure the website is authentic and not a scam.

In this article, we bring to readers Cintex Wireless Reviews, wherein we have covered each aspect and parameter. Read below to know more.

What is Cintex Wireless?

Cintex Wireless is listed among the leading EBB and Lifeline wireless service providers in the United States. Herein, the website claims to offer subscribers the opportunity to win free smartphones with 4G/5G LTE services. Besides, as per the information listed on the website, it also claims to provide free cell phone service every month.

The user to win the opportunity must meet the eligibility criteria as set by the U.S. government. Besides, the service is limited to just one person in every household.

So, let us look into Cintex Wireless Reviews in detail and know if it is legit.

Is Cintex Wireless Legit or a Scam?

Now that we have all the details about the website and its services, we shall check the website’s authenticity in the section below. So, look at the parameters given in:

  • Trust Score – The website has a good trust index of 76% and a trust rank of 75.8/100.
  • Domain Age – The domain was registered on 07/10/2009 and will expire on 7/10/2021.
  • Customer review – The website has mixed reviews wherein the users have given their viewpoint.

Cintex Wireless Reviews – What do Customers Have to Say?

Customer reviews help in understanding the user’s perspective and their experience with the product or service. Unfortunately, when it comes to Cintex Wireless, the reviews are mixed in nature. While some users have praised the website, others have shared their grievances too.

One of the customers highlights being scammed on purchasing an iPhone for $100 instead of receiving an android phone. Other mention the company to be a scam that dupes money. On the positive side, a certain user claims to have won free Samsung galaxy s7.

Based on the above Cintex Wireless Reviews, the website requires more research.

The Final Verdict

The perks of winning free smartphones and services allure users into trusting websites and sharing personal details. However, before you make purchases, it is imperative to research and know all information about the website. While Cintex Wireless has a good trust score, users’ mixed reviews, particularly the negative ones raise an alarm.

Hence, we recommend users go through other buyer reviews to get a good understanding of the website.

We hope our article on Cintex Wireless Reviews resolves your queries about the website. Read more reviews here

What is your opinion about websites that claim to offer free prizes on subscriptions? Please share with us your experience, opinions, thoughts and feedback in the comments box below.

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20 thoughts on “Cintex Wireless Reviews (March 2022) What You Should Know?”

  1. I tried to get a phone from you for 2 months everytime I get to the part where it says would you like a new number I hit yes and then it doesn’t want to work so you tell me how I can get a phone from you

    • This is a scam company an they have scammed me an have now hacked my network at home due to connecting their iPhone to it an they have my personal details an my accounts are being used without me doing it.
      I have tryed to website chat them few times. I have tryed calling, many times an have video proof of crazy things happening when I try their number .

      The BBB REVOKED them!!

      Due to the lack of response I have had no choice but to contact local police in Houston Texan now

      As well as calling their Cintex wireless number an herring the recorder say to use their site at which is also sus!

      Hackers an scammers an this is not good..

  2. My service was suddenly cut off was told I was getting a new phone and my service was switched to the new phone my account reflects none of that. Customer service was rude and in a rush to get me off the phone with no real help or response to my problem.

      • I ordered an iPhone 6S after submitting the app and I had to send my proof,after downloading the information requested I was still rejected. I ordered an paid for the phone on Feb. 3 and have not heard a word from Cintex Wireless as of yet so I sent emails stating the problem and I am still 6on a response.. Send me my phone or my money back.

  3. Got the phone that I wanted it only took a week to get have not had any problems except for cannot sign into the app

  4. I don’t believe they’re scammers, BUT….. The customer service/call center is garbage. Have been with them for about 2 yes and since I began I have never been able to get logged into my account even after talking with Rep for over an hour. She couldn’t figure it out. An since day one 50% my calls come and 50% don’t. Need a replacement and not been able to talk to someone for 2 weeks at various times. It just rings. Good hustle for them with Uncle Sam.

  5. There customer service is horrible. I have had my phone for 5 days and no one will turn it on. I know nothing about programming a phone, no should i. I didn’t think that was a requirement for this company. Never have I had to do something like this and I’ve have a cell phone since 1991. Help please.

  6. I got the Google pixel 2 XL and had it a month and than shut me off and said I cancelled and that I either need to pay for the phone or send it back. They can kiss my butt I’m not doing that no other supposed free company asks for phones back it’s screwed up. And a scam.

    • Hello Tiffany, when did you place an order? Any response from them as tracking number? We feel nervous, buyers need to check about the order frequently. Thanks for the update. Please let us know any further updates. Stay away and alert. Thanks.


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