Ciciyos Reviews {Aug} Is This A Scam Website Or Not?

Do you desire to explore the crucial information on Ciciyos Reviews? Keep reading this article to learn ahead. 

Have you been investigating the authentic review of Are you wondering about this website’s reality? The Internet has a very crucial role in the lifestyle of people Worldwide. Furthermore, many individuals use the Internet for good deeds, i.e., businesses, entertainment, etc. 

But, in contrast, scammers try to fool people by giving individuals fake claims of benefits and offers. So, in this post, we will shed light on Ciciyos Reviews to explain the reality behind 


Based on our investigation, the website states that it has been created to benefit online shoppers with fashion styles. Moreover, declared itself to provide exceptionally-improved customer support and affordable, high-quality products. 

Also, the site mentioned that they have an experienced supply chain and the latest design to attract customers and give them a suitable platform to purchase precisely the dresses they love. So, it is high time to reveal more threads connected to this online shop. Therefore, please survey the upcoming passage to be aware and updated about 

Presenting Important Specifications To Conclude Is Ciciyos Legit?

  • The survey found that the website’s official link is
  • Our investigation noticed that the email address is
  • We noted no social media icons while exploring the website. 
  • offered a super easy return policy of 14 days. 
  • We haven’t got any address details on 
  • The portal has declared to process the refund within 7 days. 
  • After receiving the returned product, they will process the exchange.  
  • The website has claimed to have many payment methods, including MasterCard, Credit Card, VISA, etc. 
  • The online shop deals with clothing items like tops, dresses, accessories, etc. 
  • The Ciciyos Reviews analysis observed that 20-06-2022 is the establishment date of, meaning that it is 1 month and 23 days old.
  • They will take 3 to 10 days to ship the product after placing the order. 
  • The delivery will consume 10 to 25 business days.
  • Our survey detected the presence of the newsletter option. 
  • The lack of a contact number is noted in this store. 

Benefits Detected

  • The newsletter facility is present.
  • Our investigation found the mailing address.
  • The portal has included numerous comments.
  • Trustpilot has only a single comment. 

Downfalls Noted Within This Website

  • No address details are seen.
  • The Ciciyos Reviews survey detected that the telephone number is lacking.
  • The social icons are absent over the portal.  

Is Ciciyos Fraud?

  • Portal Expiry Date– We noticed that would freeze on 20-06-2023.
  • Policies– The investigation explored that the policies stated are plagiarized. 
  • Concessions Reality– Our survey hinted that the discounts might scam buyers as it has served unreliable discounts. 
  • Trust Rank– 14.7/100 value is attained while discovering the website’s Trust Rank. 
  • Address Verification– The analysis identified no hints on address, so we cannot refer to this factor for analyzing the portal’s authenticity. 
  • Trust Score– Only a 2% value is detected, budding a doubt- Is Ciciyos Legit?
  • Buyers’ Reviews– We detected that Trustpilot had single negative feedback during the survey. Moreover, on another platform, we saw many comments against Also, we got two Facebook pages with several comments. 
  • Social Media Connections– The survey highlighted that the icons are unavailable. 
  • Owner’s Information– No connections linked to the website’s founder name are observed within 
  • Alexa Rank– The website grabbed a 916605 Alexa Rank value. 
  • Site Establishment Age– 20-06-2022 is this shop’s registration date, indicating that it is 1 month and 23 days old.
  • Bulk-Purchasing Option– We found the availability of this option on

What Are Customers’ Ciciyos Reviews or Reports?

Trustpilot has one negative review tagging it as a scam because of duplicated product images of other sites, thereby attaining 3.2/5 stars. Moreover, other reviewing platforms have numerous comments stating that is a fraud, thus collecting only 2 out of 5 stars. 

Our further examination found that the website has two Facebook pages, of which one page has mixed comments but mostly negative. However, on the second Facebook page, we observed that the website responded to the customer’s queries actively. Observe crucial PayPal fraud hints here

The Concluding Lines 

This article on Ciciyos Reviews reflected the portal and marked it as questionable. We can’t judge this portal’s authenticity too early from its creation. Read further on credit card fraud here. Learn more on tops here

Is the portal safe and authentic? Please post your review below this post. 

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