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This article helps to capture the details of Chris Ayers Dbz, and know-how this amazing personality has left the world by creating a void in his fan’s hearts.

Are you aware that the famous voice actor, Chris Ayers, has passed away recently? When the news has been revealed to the public, fans worldwide, including the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, are filled with sorrow. 

He was one of the stars of the world who had given countless worthy performances. The fans of DragonBall paid tribute to this amazing personality that has given his voice to many fictional characters.

Let’s know the details of Chris Ayers Dbz and get aware of some facts about his life journey.

Few words about Chris Ayers 

Christopher Owen Ayers was a multi-talented person who worked as a scriptwriter, voice actor, and ADR director. Born on May 16, 1965, this charming personality started his acting career at the age of six.

Chris truly inspired anime lovers, and he was well-recognized as the voice of Frieza from Dbz, i.e., DragonBall Z Kai.

How did Chris Ayers die?

In 2017, he was diagnosed with the end-stage of chronic pulmonary disease. He needed double lung transplantation to survive. Chris Ayers Dbz was supported by the fundraisers that offered him $25000 for his medical treatment.

But the COPD shortened his life span and suffering from health complications. He died on October 18, 2021. The news was shared through the Twitter account by his beloved girlfriend and fellow voice actor, Krystal LaPorte.

He had fought a long battle in his life and gave his best performances to impress his fans. Chris was also awarded the best male vocal actor in 2012 with the support of millions of fans all across the globe.

How DragonBalls Stars did pay tribute to Chris Ayers Dbz?

After knowing that Chris Ayers, the star of the media world, has passed away in peace, the DragonBalls company is coming together to pay tribute to him. He was part of the vocal acting for many years and contributed to making the popular anime series.

The major companies moved to Twitter to honor this great personality. The stars’ media and fans have posted many tweets by sharing their experience with Chris Ayers. The fans will miss the magnificent voice actor.

Chris Ayers did popular films!

Here is the list of some most famous anime series in which Chris Ayers Dbz has put his voice.

  • Gatchaman
  • Sakura Diaries
  • One Piece
  • Maburaho
  • Gantz
  • Devil May Cry
  • Darker than Black and so on

There are various films like A tree of Palme, Initial D: Third Stage, Gatchaman movie in which Chris Ayers has shown his participation. Moreover, he has also put his voice in the video games of the DragonBall from 2010 onwards. The continuous efforts and love of fans made him a well-known voice actor.


Wrapping up the article, we shared all the details of Chris Ayers Dbz with you. Though he is not in this world now, the immense love shown by the fans on Twitter reveals that he will always remain in people’s hearts.

What is your favourite movie in which Chris Ayers has given his voice? Comment and share with us.

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