Camping With Steve Wife {Oct 2022} What Happened To Her? Read

The post discusses on Camping With Steve Wife and further details about the incident. Read to know.

Do you know Steve Wallis, a YouTuber from Canada whose videos are popular across the internet? Besides, he is famous for the camping videos he often posts on his channel. However, lately, he is again in the news after sharing a video titled “Rest in Peace My Beautiful Wife”. 

The fans across the United States and the United Kingdom are searching on the internet about what happened to Steve’s Wife. Thus, we decided to bring you a detailed insight about Camping With Steve Wife

Why is Steve Wallis Trending?

Steve Wallis, known for his innovative videos on YouTube, recently shared a video that left his fans shocked and perplexed. The video was titled Rest In Peace My Beautiful Wife. Herein, he announced his wife Jessica’s death.

As per the video, he announced that Saturday, his wife passed away on 20 August 2022 in the camp. According to him, they had gone to sleep on sculpture while camping, and he was the only one who woke up. If you want to know more about Camping With Steve Wife and the cause of her death, continue to read below.

An Overview of Jessica Audrey Wallis

  • Jessica Wallis, also known as Jessica Audrey Wallis, was the wife of Steve Wallis.
  • She was an Edmonton teacher.
  • Steve and Jessica were in love and often appeared together on their YouTube channel, covering different content.
  • According to Steve, Jessica likes donating to local food banks and helping homeless shelters.
  • Besides, she was very good with the camera and liked leading a private life away from social media.

Camping With Steve Wife – What Was the Cause of Death?

Steve, in his video, speaks about the hard time he and his family is going through. Herein, he highlights the date of Jessica’s death as 20 August 2022. As per sources and details shared in the video by Steve, he and his wife went to sleep at night while camping. However, his wife did not wake up in the morning.

Jessica was very private, and there is nothing much detailed about how he met his wife, where she died, or the place of their camp. Furthermore, no detail about the cause of death is mentioned in the video Camping With Steve Wife. Thus, we do not have any update about her reason for death.

Final Conclusion

It has to be noted that all the information listed here in this article is taken from internet sources. Herein, we hold no claim to any news. Moreover, there is no official update given by Steve or his family surrounding the cause or reason for his wife’s death.

We hope this article clarifies many questions and provides accurate information about the news. If you wish to know more details about Camping With Steve Wife, then do read.

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