C1phuongbac.com: What is This Website all About? Check All Details Here Now!

Find out all the necessary information about C1phuongbac.com and get all the details of the website and the latest controversial video.

Have you seen the C1 Phuong bac chicken tournament on TikTok? Recently a video of a chicken fight is going viral on social media. People from Vietnam are uploading these videos on TikTok and other popular platforms.

However, some viewers don’t understand what this tournament is about. A website called C1phuongbac.com claims to share live streams of these chicken fight videos.

Disclaimer: We do not promote any website. We have no intention to harm anyone privacy. All the information available in the article is regarding informational purposes only.

The reality of C1phuongbac com website 

On researching the information, the website is almost 4 months older, and it streams the live video of the chicken fight tournament. However, these fights are illegal in most countries, and people find it unethical for many communities. However, in some of the fights, the result of the battle also comes as the beheaded chickens, which is frightening for lots of people.

The C1 phuongbac.com is a promotional website which promotes events and programmes online. Recently people have been visiting the website to see the past fights of chickens. Moreover, there is also information about the upcoming event, venue, and timing.

Public Reaction to C1 Phuongbac Com Fight

People are amazed to see a platform where they can watch the live illegal fights of the chicken. However, such content directly belongs to the dark web, but in this domain, it is instantly accessible. However, the previous video of the fight is eliminated due to privacy reasons and public reports. 

However, the website is still working and promoting the broadcast of the next event. You will see the company’s email ID, where you can discuss your company’s promotion. Unfortunately, the domain is not well developed and does not have a massive audience that can raise your company’s value.

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Social Media Network of C1phuongbac.com 

Unfortunately, C1 phuongbac.com does not have any social media links, but many Asian promoters are posting the videos to their own YouTube channel. However, these tournaments are illegal in many countries, but a place in Vietnam trains their chickens for such fights and gets trophies as a reward.

Although the actual battle is not promoted on YouTube because it contains violent scenes and is against privacy law. Social media handles like Twitter and Reddit do not have any links to these brutal roosters’ fights and competition. Moreover, if you want to see the preparation of the C1 Phuong Bac tournament, you can watch it on TikTok. 

C1phuongbac.com: Social Media Link


‘Dong Tao’ aka ‘Dragon Chicken’ : a rare Vietnamese chicken breed
byu/Willing-Performer ininterestingasfuck


Final Verdict

People are confirming the legitimacy of the website C1phuongbac.com as it claims to share the live battle of the roosters in the C1 tournament. C1 rooster fighting is illegal in multiple countries, but Vietnamese train their chicken, especially for these fights, and get rewards for it. However, the domain is a promotional website that shares information about upcoming events. 

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C1phuongbac.com: FAQs

Q1 When was the previous video uploaded on the C1 Phuong bac website? 

The last video was uploaded on 15 August 2023.

Q2 Who is the owner of the domain?

There is no information about the owner of the domain.

Q3 Can we see rooster fights on YouTube? 

You can see a glimpse of the fight, but the complete fight is unavailable.

Q4 What is the primary language of the website??

The primary language is Vietnamese.

Q5 Is the C1 Phuongbac Com website Legit? 

There is no legit confirmation of the legitimacy of the website.

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