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Butterfly Knife Tiger Tooth Online Reviews

Butterfly Knife Tiger Tooth: Global Offensive users have a lot of different possibilities. Some of these, unsurprisingly, are intertwined with the appearance modification of certain weapons used in battle. In particular, knives are very popular. You don’t need to buy them every round, they do good damage and can be a great excuse to destroy your opponents!

Among all the knives available in the game, the Butterfly Knife Tiger Tooth stands out a lot. This is not only due to a fairly exclusive appearance but also its effects. The gamer can easily throw a knife, perform more stunts, and become the main reason for his popularity.


In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Tiger Tooth is presented in a slightly stylized form:

  • The blade and handle are painted orange and black. The pattern is very similar to the color of the tiger’s fur.
  • The design has a very high level of detail.
  • The handle of the weapon is slightly concave.
  • The blade does not have a straight classical shape, therefore it is sharpened only on one side. It has a sharp bevel on the pointed side, which is located closer to the handle.
  • The guard is not included because it does not generally match the classic build of this weapon, but there is a small hook that is located at the very end of the handle to carry a safety shutter.

Many players prefer this particular skin, and in general, there is a very large number of fans of this type of knife all over the world. All the fans are completely oblivious to the fact that it does not have a massive size and menacing shape.

This skin has the most original and beautiful animations. The unique and aesthetic scrolling of the weapon at the very beginning of the game can be a good idea to entertain tired and bored users.


It is necessary to clarify that Butterfly knives have a gigantic, especially when compared with others, cost. A skin that is of good quality and with decent colouring cannot be found for less than $300. You have to pay for exclusivity and this is its main and the only drawback.

On DMarket, you can check the prices of Tiger Tooth. In Factory New condition, it costs about $1,000. A Well-Worn weapon costs around $900.

Tiger Tooth has held its status of one of the most expensive skins for a long time. Although it does not have large dimensions, it has a big advantage in the face of beautiful animations, spectacular attacks and a beautiful appearance. Even if suddenly it starts to get boring, it will be much more useful to simply sell it, because the price of this knife remains high even with a high Float.

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