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This article on Burkes Outlet Clearance Reviews will help our visitors in learning about this website. Get all the vital details on fraud and scams here.

Do you need brand-name apparel and accessories for your family? If you want all these items at 70 per cent off, you can explore this Burkes shop in the United States, which has a large variety of items for everyone in the family. This shop is trending because it offers various items at a discounted price. 

This post on Burkes Outlet Clearance Reviews will help you to learn about the characteristics and legitimacy of this store. The reader will understand its true worth and essential details regarding this store.

Overview of Burkes Outlet Clearance shop

Burkes Outlet Clearance shop deals both online and offline. It has over 500 retail stores and operates online also. It has items for your entire family and at a great price. All the products are so budget friendly that one can buy them without worrying about their budget. They have a list of items listed below:

  1. Shoes
  2. Home furnishing
  3. gifts
  4. toys
  5. beauty
  6. Bed and Bath
  7. Handbags
  8. Accessories

Is Burkes Outlet Clearance Legit? This shop has offered its customers all of the necessary and fashionable items at a fair price, however it is still unclear whether the products are genuine. Understanding their legitimacy is essential as it helps the customer to know about the shop. One can judge the owner’s mentality and evaluate their mindset. It aids in raising client awareness of fraud and scams.

Features of Burkes Outlet Clearance store

  1. Buy brand-name apparel from https://www.burkesoutlet.com/.
  2. Email Address: customerservice@burkesoutlet.com 
  3. Phone details: 1-800-683-8655
  4. Address info: P.O. Box 25207, Bradenton, FL 34206-5207
  5. All the products shown on the website have positive Burkes Outlet Clearance Reviews by another online website, but on the official site there are no reviews. 
  6. Return policy: free return policy to any Burkes Outlet or Burkes Outlet store.
  7. Shipping rate: The shipping rate is $8.99 per transaction within the Continental U.S, but additional shipping will be applied to the order shipped to Hawaii or Alaska. 
  8. Shipping policy: It takes around 3 – 7 business days for delivery in Florida and 5 – 10 days within Continental U.S.
  9. Payment Mode: Burkes Outlet credit card, Burkes Outlet store gift cards, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express, PayPal.

Positive Highlights

  1. Phone numbers, Email address, are mentioned on the official website.
  2. Https is available to protect the data while transferring. 

Negative Highlights

  1. There are some negative reviews on the Facebook page.

Is Burkes Outlet Clearance Legit?

Customers can trust Burkes Outlet Clearance Store, but before that, one has to check its legitimacy by considering specific criteria. Specifications of this website are;

  1. Website Registration: May 13, 1999, is the registration date of the Burkes Outlet Clearance store. Hence, we know this store has a long-life expectancy of around 23 years. 
  2. Trust Index: The trust index is highly rated as it scores 96 per cent, so one can trust this site. 
  3. Registrar: Burkes Outlet Clearance store is registered through CSC Corporate Domains, Inc.
  4. Customer review: We cannot find any feedback on their official website about their products, but it has positive Burkes Outlet Clearance Reviews on another online platform.
  5. Social media: This website is available on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube etc. 
  6. Data safety: It is safe to transfer data as Https secure it.
  7. Missed information: It has all the required information, but customer feedback is missing on the official website.
  8. Policy: The website contains all the vital information regarding policies like refund, shipping, return, etc.

 Burkes Outlet Clearance Reviews

On Burkes Outlet’s official website, we couldn't find any reviews, however other review websites gave this site great marks. There is a page for this store on social media, and it is well-liked there. Customers have discussed their experiences on social networking pages and other websites. Although some consumers had pleasant experiences and some were dissatisfied, the majority of responses were positive, indicating that using this website for buying is safe.

Alexa ranks this website positively, and we can say that you can shop from this website. The customer can check the measure on credit card scamming here.

Final Summary

Closing up this post on Burkes Outlet Clearance Reviews, we found that this website has a long life of 23 years. It has a positive trust rate, and one can judge this website on the points mentioned above.

Customers need to be aware of PayPal scams and protect themselves. Please click this link to learn about fashion accessories .

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