Burger King Employee 27 Years Gofundme {July} Know Story

Latest News Burger King Employee 27 Years Gofundme

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Have you heard the news of the burger king employee who has got a donation of 300k USD? Are you interested in the background story that makes him earn so much money? Please be with us to know the details we give in this article.

The employee is Kevin Ford, who works at Burger King in Las Vegas, United States. This brand is also famous in Canada. Read this article to get detailed information on Burger King Employee 27 Years Gofundme.

Details About Gofundme And Burger King Employee Who Works For 27 Years

Kevin Ford, who is 54 years of age, started his career on the Burger King in1995 at Mc Carran International Airport, where he worked as a cashier and cook. Kevin has not taken any leave from the job during his 27 years of service.

On the day of his 27th working anniversary, that organization’s manager gave him gifts such as candy and chocolates, a movie ticket, a Starbucks cup, etc. Accepting these gifts, Kevin is seen to be thanked by all his colleagues in a video, and the people become astonished to see this trivial item as gifts of Burger King Employee 27 Years Gofundme.

Kevin Ford And His Family

Kevin has 4 daughters. When he started his journey as a Burger King employee, he was a single father. Later he remarried as the necessity occurred in his family. Seryna Ford, Kevin’s daughter, generated Gofundme to honour her father for his remarkable service life. 

She wanted to raise a fund of 200USD for Kevin so he could arrange a trip to meet with his grandchildren. Kevin is happy to meet with his daughters and their children.

What Was The Declaration That Was Made For Burger King Employee 27 Years Gofundme

Kevin’s Daughter, Seryna, posted on Gofundme to describe the outstanding service of her father to Burger King. She mentioned that her father took care of her and her older sister as single father when he worked at Burger King.

The health insurance for the family and the expenditure of the school of the children was provided by this organization, and these benefits are excellent. Given this description, she asked the people if anyone wished to donate to her father can. People started donating money to show support for Kevin, and this fund collected 300K USD.

Why Is Burger King Employee 27 Years Gofundme Trending In News?

The news of the employee of Burger King and funds of massive amounts are trending in the report. The reason for trending this is the sincerity Kevin Ford, the Burger King employee, has shown throughout his service life and the number of love people has showered upon this person. Both efforts are worthy of appreciation. 


This article deals with the story of a person whose sincerity with his work is highly recommendable. We also come to know from this article even today, people have high respect for a person who does his job with sincerity.

So, Burger King Employee 27 Years Gofundme is a fascinating topic to be discussed. Are you aware of any stories like Kevin Ford? Please tell us your story.

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