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Please read this report to be aware of the Brandeis Car Accident involving the collision between two cars near Hausman Road, causing the demise of one teen.

Have you heard of the recent car accident in San Antonio? Do you want to make your wards aware of safe driving using this tragic incident as an eye-opener? Then, please go through this report to get all the details.

Today’s account has covered details about a recent and fatal car collision in the United States. Natives are concerned about the passengers and want to learn more about the accident. Therefore, please continue reading to get information about the Brandeis Car Accident.

The Car Collision in San Antonio

A black-colored sedan was crossing the J.V. Bacon Parkway on Hausman Road at around 12.30 pm on 2 June 2022. The car contained five students of Brandeis High School, including one of the students as the driver. Another gold-colored SUV was reversing out of a bus depot at that time.

A lethal collision occurred between these two vehicles, resulting in the death of the juvenile driving the sedan. The remaining four students also suffered injuries due to the accident. Three of them were taken to the hospital, while one was treated on the spot. 

Was Over Speeding the Reason Behind the Brandeis High School Car Accident?

The San Antonio police officials are investigating whether the cars were over speeding. The location shows a speed limit of 45 miles per hour, but the vehicles may be plying at a greater speed to lead to a horrific crash. Moreover, it was the last day of school for the sedan passengers, and speeding may be a way to celebrate. 

Although the SUV was backing out of the barn, it may so happen that it was also a high velocity. The police official-in-charge confirmed that they were taking the witnesses’ statements and investigating the scene to know the root cause of this incident.

The Drive Safely Campaign Before the Brandeis Car Accident

The leaders of San Antonio, traffic authorities, and students of the Johnson High School organized a Drive Safely campaign last month. They requested teens to be safe on roads, especially in the summer months. The presentation urged young drivers to fasten their seat belts, drive slowly, and avoid distractions like smartphones while driving. 

The organizers and officials identified the months of June, July, and August as the deadliest months as most accidents occur during this time, per statistics. Also, teen drivers are mostly the victims of such lethal collisions.

Sadly, and coincidentally, the Brandeis High School Car Accident occurred just two days after the above campaign. Although still not investigated, medical officials believe that the juvenile driver succumbed to the massive impact due to the fatal crash. Therefore, we can assume that the student, identified as Ameer Abdalridha, did not comply with the road rules while driving. 


The discussed accident should be an eye-opener to everyone, especially juvenile drivers. One should follow the basic road rules and must always remember speed might thrill but it can kill. Our deepest condolences are with the family who lost their member in the Brandeis Car Accident.

Did you know anyone involved in this incident? Please share in the section below. 

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