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The post talks about Bowen Yang Kim Kardashian and why they are in the news? Read here to know more.

Who is oblivious to Kim Kardashian? The internet sensation has created quite a stir with her reality show. Herein, she is once again in the limelight. However, this time the reason is not her but a picture that has surfaced on the internet along with Bowen Yang.

Do you know it was Kim Kardashian who asked for a photo with Bowen Yang? Who is Bowen Yang, and why is it in the news across the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom? In the coming section, we will highlight Bowen Yang Kim Kardashian.

Who is Bowen Yang?

As per sources, Bowen Yang has come to the limelight after Kim Kardashian walked up to him for a picture. It was aired during the latest episode of The Kardashians’ popular reality show. The clip showing Kim approaching Bowen asking for a selfie instantly turned viral across the internet.

Furthermore, the latter looked flabbergasted and recalled the moment as one of the biggest accomplishments of his life. However, in the coming section, we will elaborate on Bowen Yang Kim Kardashian viral clip and who Bowen Yang is.

More details about Bowen Yang

  • Bowen Yang is one of the popular comedians who was nominated for the Emmy awards.
  • Besides, he is also an actor.
  • He is most famous for his sketches aired on the Saturday Night Live Show.
  • Furthermore, he is known for portraying Andrew Yang as well as Kim Jong-un in his famous comedy show.
  • In addition, he is also the first Chinese American who is part of Saturday Night Live and is known for his accurate comic timings.

Bowen Yang Kim Kardashian – Why is he in the news?

Kim Kardashian is a known online celebrity seen in her reality show The Kardashians. The show is currently premiered on the Hulu channel and app, which went on air on 14 April 2022. Besides, the USP of this season is a new surprise that awaits in each episode.

Herein, the latest to gain the limelight and headline is none other than Bowen Yang, the popular comedian. He gained instant fame when Kim approached him to share the frame with her, which aired during one of the episodes. The Bowen Yang Kim Kardashian candid picture and the video clip have become viral on the internet and floor the viewers.

Besides, as per sources, Kim and Bowen had also collaborated for one of the SNL sketches, wherein they were part of Glitter Revolution, a pop band along with Aidy Byrant.

However, the collaboration clip never aired on the TV, and thus, it was always a mystery whether Kim and Bowen ever worked together.

Final Conclusion

The viral clip showcases Kim walking to Bowen Yang and asking for a selfie with her. We hope this article provides sufficient information about Bowen Yang Kim Kardashian.

Do you want to know more about the viral clip? Then do read.

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