Boku No Hero Chapter 323 {Aug} Find Release Details Here

This article gives information about the latest chapter of a Japanese manga series Boku No Hero Chapter 323 which is yet to be released this Sunday.

Do you know the release date of Chapter 323 is very close? Did you know Boku No Hero is a chapter of famous series which has won many awards? Are you interested to know what happens in this chapter?

We bring you all the details of the latest chapter, which will be released on 22nd August 2021 Worldwide. So, please read this article about Boku No Hero Chapter 323 in total to know all the details.

About Boku No Hero:

Boku No Hero is a chapter from the famous My Hero Academia series. Yosuke Kuroda wrote boku No Hero. 

In the series, Izuku Midoriya is a kid born without superpowers in a world where kids under four years develop Quirks, a superpower. But Midoriya wants to become a superhero. So Midoriya was enrolled in school for heroes training when All Might, the greatest hero, recognized his talent. So all Might chooses Midoriya as his successor and also shares his Quirks with him. Chapter 323 is set to be released on 22nd August 2021.

The plot of Boku No Hero Chapter 323:

  • Chapter 323 begins with a flashback showing class-A students waiting near the principal’s office.
  • Students want to bring Deku back.
  • The UA barriers are activated, and it is vital.
  • The principal says it will be safe to bring back Midoriya.
  • But, Nezu thinks that the barrier is not strong enough to protect Deku once he is back.
  • Hence, Nezu makes changes to the security system.
  • The campus gets divided into small sections which are connected to a transport facility.
  • In case of any threat, these areas will get transported underground, connecting to various routes in the country. Let us see what more happens in the Boku No Hero Chapter 323.
  • The underground area is covered with three thousand plates of metal. 
  • It will warn about any threats and also slows down enemies.
  • After this, the present situation is shown.
  • Civilians are angrily protesting and blaming heroes for the current situation of the country.
  • Civilians do not want Deku to return.
  • Uraraka says to civilians that Deku has special powers to change the country’s current situation.
  • A giant woman whom Deku had saved earlier appears and takes Deku’s side.
  • Seeing this slowly, other civilians also agree to let Deku in. 
  • The Boku No Hero Chapter 323 ends with Nezu realizing that the first step may be hard to take. But, he feels Deku will emerge as a great hero.


This chapter aims to make civilians understand the importance of Deku. Furthermore, this chapter shows that Deku had distanced himself from the country to protect civilians as Shigaraki was putting the whole country in trouble for targeting Deku.

It is an exciting chapter showcasing the difficulties a hero has to face to gain the confidence of civilians. Know more about the My Hero Academia series   here. 

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