Bodyfreedomtoday Com Reviews (Feb 2022) Is This Legit?

Are you willing to know the facts of a portal serving health programs? Then, please read this post on Bodyfreedomtoday com Reviews.

Do you want to lose weight and gain confidence? Then, please read this write-up to analyze and detect the site’s reality. 

Physical activity helps to increase one’s stamina, energy and reduces the risk of several diseases, including diabetes, etc. Moreover, some online sites in the United States have initiated programs that help people gain confidence in their lives. Thus, today, we will highlight such a site providing several freedom programs. 

So, in this post, we will survey and conclude its authenticity using the Bodyfreedomtoday com Reviews

Describing The Portal 

The website ‘’ offers the clients a program for womens to cope with stress, traumas, and stuff that happened earlier. In addition, they will provide women with a special tool to improve their beauty. 

Moreover, they have claimed to create this initiation through researching various modules, sources, etc., to drive a women’s improved body image to society. Thus, they provide programs like diets, schedules, maintaining body image and beauty, etc. 

So, let us further analyze the website’s specifications in depth. 

Stating Site’s Information To Verify Is Bodyfreedomtoday com Legit

  • Social network connections, including Facebook, Instagram are available. 
  • The website serves different diet programs to maintain a women’s healthy lifestyle. 
  • The portal’s domain creation date was 19-12-2018; however, it has ended up on 19-12-2021. 
  • The website’s founder is Ilene Leshinsky. 
  • For inquiry, you can contact the portal’s owner via mailing address, i.e.,
  • We have recognized the newsletter option on the website’s homepage. 
  • The calling number is 518-570-6164.
  • You can transact over the site through PayPal, MasterCard, etc. 
  • is the website’s official URL. 
  • By summing up the Bodyfreedomtoday com Reviews, we haven’t identified the hints on the firm’s address. 

Why Is The Portal Advantageous?

  • A one-hour free consultation option is provided. 
  • Over the site, a telephone number and a service mail address are available.
  • The founder’s identity is also seen, exhibiting the portal’s trustworthy nature. 
  • Some users’ reactions are found on YouTube. 
  • A reliable trust score and a trust rank of 86% and 75.4/100 are found for the website. 

What Are The Website’s Shortcomings?

  • The site has failed to include its office address that has created doubt. 
  • According to the Bodyfreedomtoday com Reviews, the client’s reaction to Trustpilot is unavailable. 

Is Bodyfreedomtoday safe? 

This section will shed some necessary details of the site and analyze them to conclude its legitimacy. Thus, we suggest you check the necessary details cited below to be aware of any scams. 

  • Domain Expiration Date- The website’s expiration date is 19-12-2021. 
  • Trust Score- The value seems good, implying that the site appears to be true and safe. 
  • Founder’s Name- Ilene Leshinsky is the owner of 
  • Trust Rank- Out of 100, a 75.4 trust rank value is quoted. 
  • Customers Opinion- The Bodyfreedomtoday com Reviews are missing on Trustpilot, but we have detected a few reviews on the owner’s YouTube channel. In addition, the reviews are also available on 
  • Domain Age- The site is nearly 3 years and 2 days old from today, which means it’s a quite old and reliable portal. 
  • Social Media Presence- The online portal is available on different social platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, etc. 
  • Policies- Since the site provides health and beauty programs, no policies are included. 
  • Address Originality- We haven’t noticed any address on the site. Hence, we can’t conclude ‘Is Bodyfreedomtoday com Legit?’
  • Alexa Rank- No Alexa rank value is found for 
  • Discounts Offered- The false rebates are not provided.

Users’ Reaction 

The Trustpilot reviews are not accessible for this online portal. In addition, even on Facebook and Instagram pages, we could not detect any customer reviews. But, over YouTube, some users have appreciated the owner’s thoughts; but no reviews are cited for the site’s products. 

However, several user comments are cited on the portal. Thus, kindly investigate this site properly and then proceed further. Read here to determine facts about credit card scams. 


The Bodyfreedomtoday com Reviews highlighted the services/programs served by the site. 

Upon researching, we have extracted some clients’ opinions, but not on their services. However, no comments are quoted on Facebook and Instragam pages. 

Therefore, please carefully read all the site details to mitigate the risk of future loss. If the PayPal scams have mocked you, then visit here. 

Why do you find the portal beneficial? Then, kindly add your thoughts in the comment box below. 

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