Need a Mood Booster? Blend Chocolates & Shrooms! 

Cacao and magic mushrooms bear distinct and profound significance. Cacao, revered as the purest embodiment of chocolate, and magic mushrooms share a deep connection that influences the brain’s production of natural mood-enhancing chemicals. This shared capability results in a profound mood-boosting effect.

This article explores the possible mood-enhancing advantages of consuming a shroom chocolate bar Canada

Key Takeaways:

  • Shrooms and chocolate contain multiple compounds that trigger the brain to release a chemical that makes us feel happy.
  • The mood-enhancing effects of chocolate shrooms can help manage symptoms of depression and anxiety.
  • People who consume psychedelics, like shrooms, experience a more positive emotion that leads to a shift in moral values.

Exploring Chocolate Shrooms 

Chocolate infused with psilocybin mushrooms, known as psilocybin mushroom chocolate or referred to by alternative names such as magic mushroom chocolates or magic mushroom candy, offers a more palatable means of ingesting this psychedelic substance. These edibles offer a tastier alternative to the raw ingestion of mushrooms. 

The attraction of shroom chocolate lies in its enhanced flavour profile, as it offers a more palatable experience than the consumption of mushrooms in their natural state. This method also maintains the desired psychedelic effects without the need for the raw absorption process. With most chocolate products containing a consistent and controlled amount of magic mushrooms, the risk of overdosing is minimal, provided one adheres to the labelled directions.

Discovering the Effects of Shrooms and Chocolate in Happiness


The presence of flavanols and methylxanthines in chocolate contributes to these positive outcomes. A study from the Psychopharmacology Journal involving healthy participants found that a daily dark chocolate drink rich in polyphenols increased feelings of calmness and contentment. In contrast, those who consumed a placebo chocolate drink lacking polyphenols reported no changes in mood. 

High-polyphenol chocolate, as opposed to polyphenol-free chocolate, showed benefits in treating depression, anxiety, and chronic fatigue syndrome. These Nutrition Journal findings highlight the psychological advantages of chocolate eating and explain its effect on mood and general well-being.

Other Compounds:

Theobromine Theobromine, closely resembling caffeine with just a slight variation in its chemical structure, exhibits comparable stimulant effects on the human brain when administered in equivalent doses. 

This similarity accounts for the familiar boost experienced when indulging in chocolate consumption.

Anandamide Anandamide, a natural compound in the human brain, is also in small quantities in chocolate. It has the potential to reduce anxiety based on multiple clinical trials.
Sugar It is a catalyst for the release of various pleasure-associated chemicals. Among them is dopamine, renowned for its role in the pleasure circuit. 

Magic Mushroom

A comprehensive study conducted by Yale University delved into the impact of psychedelic substances on the well-being of individuals attending six music festivals. The research, which involved surveying 1,200 participants from both British and American backgrounds, aligns with previous lab-based studies indicating the potential positive effects of psychedelic drugs.

Individuals who had consumed psychedelic drugs within the last 24 hours showed the most pronounced positive effects, as indicated by the findings. Participants show a lingering “afterglow” effect. Individuals who had taken psychedelics reported a heightened sense of positivity, with some even undergoing shifts in their moral values. These results provide information on the effects of psychedelic substances on the well-being and subjective experiences of festival-goers.

Scientists try to come up with multiple theories to explain the mood-enhancing effects of mushrooms. One prevalent notion suggests that psilocybin, a compound in mushrooms, undergoes conversion into psilocin within the body. This transformation impacts serotonin levels in the brain, consequently giving rise to altered, unconventional perceptions and improved mood. 

Multiple studies have been published on the mood-enhancing effects of mushroom-infused chocolate as an aid for dealing with depression and anxiety. Psilocybin may play a role in addressing certain mental health symptoms. The components present in chocolate can also cause mood improvement. 

While these elements may support improving mood, do not substitute them for professional treatment. 

Taking Chocolate Shrooms

You can enjoy the effects of magic shroom chocolate bars in as many ways as possible. You can intend to consume them in high amounts to experience the classic psychedelic trip or experience. If you do not like the feeling of hallucinating with mushrooms, microdosing can be an option. It is possible by consuming a small amount and enjoying the benefits of magic mushrooms.


The harmonious blend of chocolate and mushrooms can add a delightful experience. A simple nibble has the potential to elevate your mood and enhance focus to foster productivity throughout the day. Immerse yourself in the delectable flavours of these mushroom-infused treats, whether enjoyed in moderation or with a more subdued approach and savour the benefits of this unique pairing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there different kinds of shroom chocolate bars?

Yes. A myriad of chocolate bars saturates the market, each distinguished by their various flavours. The options are diverse, ranging from the classic appeal of milk chocolate to the bolder, richer notes in dark varieties. Sometimes, brands enhance the chocolate experience by infusing their creations with distinctive flavours. 

When it comes to chocolate bars incorporating mushrooms, the commonly used strain is Golden Teacher. This choice is strategic, as the gradual absorption of edibles in the body intensifies their effects compared to consuming dried mushrooms. Opting for an average strain, like Golden Teacher, provides a more balanced approach to ensure a nuanced and enjoyable experience.

Does magic shroom chocolate contain cacao?

Many chocolate bars in stores contain minimal cacao content, with a predominant presence of heavily processed sugar. Certain mushroom-infused chocolate bars on the market solely feature psilocybin mushrooms combined with extensively processed chocolate. 

For those seeking a more profound and spiritual encounter with chocolate mushrooms, try checking ingredients that state they contain high-quality cacao. Consider exploring sources emphasizing the purity and authenticity of the cacao used to produce these unique treats.

How many squares a chocolate bar contains?

The quantity of squares within a chocolate bar depends on the brand and the size of the product. Carefully check the product label to learn about its composition and ascertain the recommended consumption method.

Can I make my own shroom bars?

Crafting your own magic mushroom chocolates can be a fascinating venture as it offers a personalized touch to your indulgence. When creating homemade chocolates, it becomes challenging to determine the exact dosage in each square. There is a risk of exposing the mushrooms to excessive heat looms, which may compromise their quality. Improper preparation techniques also curtail the shelf life of your chocolate creation. 

Try buying from trusted brands with expertise in crafting these varieties. Reputable brands employ the finest and safest methods to guarantee you the utmost satisfaction from your delightful treat.

Can you microdose using mushroom chocolate?

Yes. Within each square lies a carefully measured quantity of psilocybin that offers the potential to experience the subtle yet positive effects associated with the consumption of psychedelic mushrooms.

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