Black Augurite Legends Arceus {Feb} Know How To Find It!

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Pokemon legends Arceus, a role-playing action game, has grabbed the attention of millions of people. This video game is well known for its various unique Pokemons. People from countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Netherlands are fans of this game. Pokemon legends Arceus have different items like Black Augurite that assist players in finding the Pokemons.

Many people want to know about Black Augurite. So this article will tell you about all the details of Black Augurite Legends Arceus.

What is Black Augurite?

Each Pokemon game launches numerous items that help the player throughout the game. Pokemon legends Arceus is the fifth game of Generation VIII series core. It has introduced items like Black Augurite. It is a black glassy stone that has a sharp edge after splitting.

Black Augurite could be defined as an everyday item. These everyday items can be kept in the players’ bags, and they can use them in several manners. Balck Augurite was introduced in Generation VIII. It helps to evolve the scyther into Kleavor. Scyther is a flying or dual-type Pokemon that evolves using Black Augurite Legends Arceus was launched in Generation I.

How to find Black Augurite?

You can get Black Augurite through the following steps.

  1. Players have to defeat the Graveler by fighting in the battle. Graveler would drop the Black Augurite while fighting. So players can probably get the black Augurite.
  2. Space-time distortion appears randomly over the map, and rare Pokemon’s spawn tons. There is a probability that Black Augurite will appear in these until they are active.
  3. You can track Ursaluna. After successfully tracking it, you are given a chance of scanning hidden treasures. You will get a small chance of getting Black Augurite.

Black Augurite Legends Arceus

Black Augurite is an item of Pokemon legends Arceus game. Players have to go through several hurdles to catch the black Augurite. But, once you have got it, don’t forget to utilise it. You can use it to evolve Scyther into Kleavor. Players can go to Arena Grandtree in Fieldlands Obsidian to fetch a scyther. 

 You can get two Scythers so that one can be evolved to Kleavor, and one can be evolved into scizor using a metal coat. Kleavor is necessary to finish the Pokedex. Black augurite is considered the toughest evolution item. So players have to fetch Black Augurite Legends Arceus wisely and have to give their 100% to the game. It will be available in the same place where gamers battled for Kleavor.


You have to go through the steps given above and implement them in the game in order to fetch Black Augurite. Black Augurite can help players in various manners such as catching Pokemons, healing, accessing new areas, and powering up. To know more about Black Augurite, visit this link.  

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