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The article discusses and checks all the information about Bigger Roofing Company and the proper Bigger Roofing Reviews.    

Do you know the company Bigger Roofing? The company comes into the news for specific reasons. Many people in recent times are checking the company’s reviews on various websites. The Bigger roofing company was founded in 2012. In the roofing industry, it has become the brand name. 

The company offers services to both commercial and household people. The company has lots of customers in the United States and Canada. Today we are going to search for Bigger Roofing Reviews. We will explore the various trusted websites to check the reviews. 

What Do You Find in the Reviews? 

First, we have searched the website of the company. But we don’t find any customer reviews on the official website. The website also mentioned the client’s name and association with the company. For this reason, we check the other trusted and validate websites. 

On the other website, we don’t find any straight customer feedback about the company’s service and protocols. But we know some interesting facts about the company. The owner of the company is Joshua Bigger. 

Bigger Roofing Ontario

More prominent Roofing Company is also active in Ontario. The company offers various types of roofing services to clients. We have checked the company’s website and other portals and got the work list.

  1. In Ontario, the company worked for water and ice installation.
  2. Offers service for flashing and new valleys.
  3. Also offers manufacturing specifications like colour and brand.
  4. Ventilation instalment is another considerable work of the company. The ventilation works include venting, ridge venting, solar power venting, etc.
  5. The company also offers services to remove the old materials.

Bigger Roofing Canada

The company is also active in Canada. The company is situated in Campden, ON. Recently, the company has worked and earned revenue of 506,442 USD in the country. In this country, they function as building finishing contractors, Bridge contractors, heavy and civil engineering contractors, resident building contractors, building contractors, equipment contractors, etc. 

The company also works as a roofing contractor in the country. In this country, the company has a good name among its clients. Roofing is associated with many other big companies as a service provider. On the other hand, we find similar results for Bigger Roofing Niagara Reviews

Why is the News Circulating? 

A few days back, many people checked the validated information about the company. The founding is: 

  1. The website domain was created on 13 August 2013. 
  2. Website popularity is shallow at around 10523911. 
  3. Index Trust Score is 65.1 percent. 
  4. The valid HTTPS protocols are detected on the website. 
  5. The suspicious proximity score is 15 percent. 
  6. The website has a social media page. 


At last, we can say we have also checked the trust score factor of the website, and the score is 86 percent. It is a fantastic trust score for Bigger Roofing Niagara. The complete information is taken from the official website and other internet sources. 

For more information, you can also check the company’s official website and know more. What is your opinion about the company? Please comment. 

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