Benefits of Hair Tinsel

Many women think their hair color is inadequate, so they want to change it. Are you the one who also transforms your hair into shiny and sparkling hair? Well, there are many alternatives to it. The first one is you can dye your hair, but many females don’t prefer it as it is time-consuming, expensive, and gives very long-lasting results. The second and best option is hair tinsel.

What is hair tinsel?

Before using these temporary hair extensions, let’s understand what hair tinsels are. Hair tinsel, also known as Sparkling hair or fairy hair, is a thread of glitter that is added to your head to give a sparkling effect. Hair tinsel is the best way to add sparkles to your hair temporarily.

Hair tinsel was very common at the end of the 1990s and the beginning of the 2000s when little girls, teenagers, and women wore them at parties, events, functions, occasions, and other festivals. Now the hair tinsel is gaining popularity again after Ketty Perry posted a video of herself in which she was wearing hair tinsel. Hair tinsel is the most popular and viewed trend nowadays on social media channels. This trend has gained popularity from TikTok and Instagram as influencers wear them everywhere they go.

So, now you don’t need to waste your time and money on hair dye as hair tinsels are there. You can use them as your temporary hair extension wherever you go and remove them when you return.

Benefits of Hair Tinsel:

Short-term Fairy Hair: Wanna try something stylish and new to your hair for a short time? Here Herbiar can give you the best suggestion, which is to wear hair tinsel! They give you the best sparkling, shiny, and colorful hair. The tinsel hair extensions last for 4 – 8 weeks. Remember that if you want to remove the tinsel, you can do this whenever you want.

Add Sparkles to Your Hair: If you are unhappy with your hair color and do not want them to dye, a tinsel hair extension is the best option for you. Tinsel in hair is a non-damaging hair extension that is manufactured with fine polyester. You will love your hair after wearing tinsel for hair in the sunlight as well as at night.

Protects Your Hair Damage: Hair tinsel is suggested because they are safe and does not cause damage to your hair. They are made with toxin-free and chemical-free fine polyester material. Moreover, hair tinsel is applied with the beads method and knot method. Both methods are easy and safe if you do not tug your hair or tinsel after wearing them.

Pick Your Favorite Color of Hair Tinsel: The pack of Herbiar hair tinsel comes with 12 unique colors, i.e., sky brown, blue, green, red, baby pink, golden, silver, pink, purple, rainbow, rose, and sapphire blue. You can create cheerful combinations with it and use rainbow colors to give your head a funky look.

Hair Tinsel is Heat-resistant: Another wonderful benefit of tinsel is that it is heat-resistant. This means that you can curl, straighten, blow dry, flat iron, or weave them as you want. Tinsel hair extensions are heat resistant up to 200 °C/ 392 °F. You can use any hot accessories on the hair tinsel. Furthermore, the tinsel does not get damaged when you put them in a braid.

After knowing these great benefits of tinsel for hair, you must be thinking of how to use them. So, follow these simple instructions to wear them perfectly:

  1. Wash your hair correctly and dry them with a towel or a blow dryer.
  2. Style your hair the way you want.
  3. For sparkling or fairy hair, section your hair into two parts.
  4. Pick up your desired color of hair tinsel.
  5. Put the bead in the crochet.
  6. Insert four or five strands of your hair into the bead with the help of a pulling needle (Do not pull out crochet from the bead.)
  7. Insert the tinsel into a bead with the help of a pulling needle.
  8. Slide the crochet to release the bead.
  9. Slide the bead to attach it to your head.
  10. Press it with the plier to tighten it so it won’t fall.

Enjoy your new, shiny, and sparkling hairstyle.

As you have seen, it is very easy to use hair tinsel, and it’s aftercare. Everyone should enjoy the latest trend; hair tinsel is trendy these days. So, what are you waiting for? Shop now the best hair care products, including hair tinsel, at Herbiar!

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