Bell Lets Talk Scam (Jan) Learn All The Aspects Here!

The guide shares details about the Nobel initiative to help people know if Bell Lets Talk Scam or legit.  

Over the three years of a global pandemic, the mental health of Canadians has been plunged because of different systemic factors. For the last 12 years, residents in Canada have been invited to participate in the conversation about mental health organized by Bell Let’s Talk Day. 

Every year in January end, people across the nation are urged to participate in the Bell Let’s Talk Campaign, where the telecommunication company claims to donate five Canadian Cents to support the mental health organizations for each long-distance and local call and text.

But, many people are still unsure and want to know if Bell Lets Talk Scam.

What is Bell Let’s Talk?

Bell Let’s Talk is the awareness program or campaign launched and owned by the famous telecommunication company Bell Canada. The campaign was launched to create awareness about mental health issues and fight against the stigma of mental illness. 

Bell is the only biggest corporate dedicated to mental health and spreading awareness amongst the residents. The corporation launched an awareness campaign called Bell Let’s Talk back in January 2011, and it has managed to raise funds via this program to make the country stigma-free. 

The last event was organized on 26th January 2022.

Is Bell Lets Talk Scam or Legit?

The telecommunication company organizes the mental health awareness campaign every year at the end of January. The campaign was inaugurated back in 2011 for five years and managed to raise funds of $50 million. The campaign was again renewed in 2015, and it raised around $155 million. 

After a successful response from the residents, the company decided to renew the program again in 2020 for another five years. The latest event was organized on 26th January 2022 Wednesday. 

We found no reason to consider it a scam because it is organized by a reputed telecommunication company every year at the end of January. So, people wonder if Bell Lets Talk Scam must know that it is an awareness program and seems legit.  

Right from the event’s conception, the six times cycling Olympian, Clara Hughes, supports the campaign and acts as the initiative’s spokesperson. Many other celebrities support the Nobel cause and promote it to all residents.

They urge people to make calls, send text, use social media frames, upload or watch official videos on TikTok and YouTube during the event so that the company can contribute 5 cents to the Nobel cause.

How Are People Reacting?

Soon after the event started on 26th Jan 2022, people started commenting. So, people asking if Bell Lets Talk Scam or legit are aware now that it is not a scam.    

Many people commented on the post, and they are sharing their thoughts. You may check their Twitter Page for more details.         


Bell Let’s Talk campaign is an initiative by the telecommunication company to spread awareness about mental health and raise funds to help mental health organizations.

The campaign was started long back in 2011, and the latest event was conducted on 26th January 2022. Many celebrities support the Nobel campaign. Hopefully, it is clear whether Bell Lets Talk Scam or legit.    

Do you have anything to share about the initiative? Please share it in the comment section. Also, stay alert and beware of online scams.

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