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In this Bell Hooks Wiki post, you will know about Bell Hooks briefly and also know about her famous contributions to writing.

Have you heard the sad news about Bell Hooks trending over the internet? If you don’t know about Bell Hooks, we will briefly cover that in this post. 

Over the recent months, we have been hearing sad news all over the internet, many especially because of the pandemic situation.

Recently, another tragic thing happened for the fans of Bell Hooks writing as we have to hear the news that she passed out. She was a very known personality and was loved all over the United States and all over the world.

Let us know more about her further in this Bell Hooks Wiki post. 

Who was Bell Hooks? 

As mentioned earlier, she was a very famous writer and other than that, she was a social activist, professor, and feminist. Her real name was Gloria Jean Watkins, born in September 1952. Bell Hooks was Gloria’s better-known, pen name is taken from her great grandmother, Bell Blair Hooks.

She has written more than 40 books on different subjects and achieved many awards and accomplishments in her writing career. Let us know more about her further in this post. 

Bell Hooks Wiki: Her Writing Career

As an American author, Bell Hooks has focused on many subjects, including gender, capitalism, feminism, art, history, class, love, and many more. She published her first book as poetry in 1978, earning her a literature PhD from the University of California, Santa Cruz. 

Then she published a book named Aint I a Woman? In 1981, which kick-started her writing career. After that, she has written many famous books like Feminist – From Margin To Center 1984, Theory All about love- new visions 1999, The will to change 2004 and many other great books as mentioned in Bell Hooks Wiki

She has won The Atlantic Monthly’s “One of our nations’ public leading intellectuals”, TIME 100 Women of the year in 2020 and many more awards for her huge contribution. 

How Did Bell Hooks Pass Away? 

On December 15 2021, Bell hooks passed away at 69 because of kidney failure at her house in Berea, Kentucky. She was with her family members and friends in her last moments, as mentioned in the tweet of a family member. 

This news is all over the internet, and as mentioned in Bell Hooks Wiki, many peoples, well-wishers and followers of Bell Hooks are posting tributes to her with kind words. The family of Bell Hooks has also planned to host an event to celebrate her life. 

The Final Verdict

Hope this post has helped you in introducing and informing briefly about the great personality i.e., Bell Hooks. To know more about her, you can check out the official Wikipedia page of her

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