{Full Video} Baby Alien Christmas Video Leaked On Telegram: Tanya Tehanna with Midget, Elf Video Details!

The article reveals a story behind Midget Tanya Tehanna Baby Alien Christmas Video Leaked on Telegram Elf Video footage with images.

The holy Christmas celebrations have arrived! Can you see many Christmas-themed videos popping up in the social media feeds? Then, have you heard of the dwarf content creator Baby Alien?

Recently, a Baby Alien Christmas Video Leaked On Telegram footage went viral throughout the United States and the United Kingdom

What was so special about that video, which has received many responses for Baby Alien? This article provides the complete answer to that question.

About Baby Alien Christmas Video Leaked On Telegram

Baby Alien is a famous content creator who has amassed nearly a million followers with his dwarf nature. This 23-year-old social media content creator was born with a growth-deficient hormonal problem, so he didn’t grow up and stayed a dwarf for many years.

But he didn’t consider his height for achieving tremendous success. He opened a social media page and posted cute videos like the Baby Alien Elf video and other POV videos. Many people liked his confidence and continued to render their support. 

Recently, on Christmas Eve, Baby Alien collaborated with another female dwarf star, Tanya Tehanna, to create a Christmas-themed video. That video became viral and is currently available on many social platforms, including the Telegram channel.

About Baby Alien Christmas Video Leaked On Telegram

Baby Alien Tanya Tehanna viral video

Baby Alien and Tanya Tehanna are two dwarf social media stars collaborating for the Christmas celebration. In that viral video, both performed a romantic dance with the Sleigh Bells song playing in the background. 

In addition, we could see Baby Alien Tanya Tehanna in a video where both wore cute Christmas-themed dresses. Baby Alien wore the elf green dress, and Tanya Tehanna wore a red Santa-themed dress. Elves are famous characters in the Christmas festival, so Baby Alien has chosen that elf theme for his video.

Baby Alien Tanya Tehanna viral video

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Baby Alien Elf Video

Baby Alien and Tanya posted their videos on their respective Instagram pages, which went viral on Reddit, YouTube, and the Telegram channel. 

Because both of them seemed to be in a very romantic position, it triggered the rumor wave that Baby Alien and Tanya are dating, as their recent Baby Alien Elf Video was very intimate.

 Even many people have commented that this pair would be the perfect one. But as of now, neither of them has confirmed their relationship.

Baby Alien with Midget

Jolly Midget is the nickname of the social media star Tanya Tehanna. The intimate dancing moments between Tanya and Baby Alien got the attention of many people. But the sad thing is if we read the comments, most of them have made hateful or trolling comments based on their physical structure, as both of them are dwarf people. 

But Baby Alien with Midget didn’t take care of the nasty comments. More specifically, all these hateful comments are also making them more popular.

Details about Baby Alien and Tanya

Baby Alien’s real name is Yabdiel Coto, and he was born in 2000 with growth deficiency hormones. In 2018, he started his social media career on TikTok and then upgraded to Instagram. 

Tanya is a YouTuber who runs a YouTube channel named Tanyatv Network.

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Though the Baby Alien Christmas Video Leaked On Telegram footage invited lots of criticism and hurtful comments, the video genuinely welcomed the Christmas vibes on the internet. Holidays and Christmas are for even dwarf people as well, right? that’s why Baby alien chose to celebrate Christmas on his way.

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