Avenue Avebury Tonbridge {Aug} Know Details Of The case!

In this write-up, we've mentioned all the details on the recent Avenue Avebury Tonbridge incident.

Have you ever witnessed a crime? Or have you ever experienced it firsthand? You must be aware of the crime occurring in and around your locality.

Recently, Avebury Ave, Tonbridge of the United Kingdom, was in the news for something similar.

The residential area has hit the headlines due to an incident where a man was stabbed. Keep reading to know what happened and get all the information on the Avenue Avebury Tonbridge case.

What exactly happened?

Kent Police officers were called at 12:55 am on August 19th, 2022 Friday and informed about a mishappening near Avebury Avenue. Officers left for the scene along with the ambulance. The victim, who appeared to be very young and probably in his 20s, was pronounced dead at the scene.

The teenager received several stabbing injuries. The investigation is underway, and another teenage boy was arrested somewhere around 3:40 am. He has been kept in custody. The incident’s exact location is still unknown, though as per Kent Police, the assault happened at a location in or somewhere close to Avebury Avenue.

More on Avenue Avebury Tonbridge

The victim has been identified as a native belonging to the Tonbridge region. Police have been trying to get more information for their investigation. They have spoken to several potential witnesses. Kent Police is appealing to the people to come forward and let the police know if they have any information on the case.

Detective Inspector of the Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate, Lee Neiles, has said they are working to establish and understand the entire circumstances. And, they must speak to anyone who has witnessed, heard or seen anything suspicious before or around 12:55 am.

According to them, the Avenue Avebury Tonbridge incident in which the victim was assaulted and stabbed to death occurred close to Tonbridge Park. The area has a large number of residential properties. Hence, if anyone wants to assist the police in the investigation, they should not hesitate to call them.

You could call Kent Police on 101 and remember to quote the reference number 19-0050. Anyone with the information can also contact on 0800 555111 Crimestoppers anonymously.

Important Announcement 

Local councilors Paul Stepto and Mark Hood have informed that a serious incident happened overnight on Avebury Avenue. Due to this, closure of the area is required while the police continue their investigation.

After the Avenue Avebury Tonbridge incident, it has been informed that people should stay careful of traffic as the police have closed several footpaths in the area too.

Final Verdict 

Summing up, the incident reported from Tonbridge is undergoing investigation by the Kent Police. As mentioned earlier, if anyone has a piece of information related to the case, contact the police right away. We urge you all to stay safe and sound and not be afraid to act as a witness, as your one move could bring justice to a case. Read more here  

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