August Spotlight Hour 2021 : Get Reliable Details!

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August Spotlight Hour 2021 : Get Reliable Details! >> This article gives relevant information regarding the event of an online game & how it is beneficial for the users.  

Are you here looking for the information related to the Spotlight Hour of August 2021? Do you want to know what this spotlight brings with them to the Pokémon go, users? Well, Pokémon go a famous online game and is available Worldwide

In this article, we will talk about the August Spotlight Hour 2021 and all the relevant details that every user should know. So let’s find out. 

What is the Spotlight hour event?

Spotlight hour event is an event of the Pokémon go game that happens on Tuesday. This event is one of the biggest events in Pokémon go, and every user eagerly waits for it as it brings different offers for the players. 

This event is available Worldwide, and the trainers can earn double the amount of stardust and candy for catching the Pokémon in the game. The August Spotlight Hour 2021 will be happening 4-5 times in August as there are 4-5 Tuesdays in this month. 

Why is this event so popular among the users?

This event was first started in February 2020 and became a success. Now, the Niantic said that the event would take place every Tuesday or maybe Thursday every month.  This event is popular among users because of the gifts and offers that the trainer gets from catching any Pokémon. 

Sometimes, you can have a chance to get limited-edition Pokémon or cards and skills rate that helps you increase your stats in the game. 

About August Spotlight Hour 2021

As August has 5 Tuesdays, so for the very first time, the spotlight hour will be held five times a month. In the August spotlight, you can have the chance to win different cards and catch Pokémon. Here are all the possible gifts you can get from the August spotlight hour.

  • 4th August- 2x Catch the candy
  • 11th August- 2x Transfer Candy
  • 18th August- 2x Evolve XP 
  • 25th august- 2x catch Stardust 
  • 31st august- wooloo will be available  

This event is not limited to August only as you can enjoy this event in the upcoming months.

How to prepare for the spotlight event?

The August Spotlight Hour 2021 is a success as the users are very happy to get the prizing and gifts from this spotlight. However, to get better benefit from the event, you need to keep some points in mind like:

  • Save some poke balls with you so that you can be able to catch more pokemons in the spotlight hour. 
  • Make sure that you have enough catch candy or berries, which ease up the process of catching the Pokemon. 
  • Clear your storage box to make way for the new items. 

Wrapping it up

After all the information gathered about the August Spotlight Hour 2021 event, we can conclude that it’s a win-win situation for the users as they get the chance to win Pokémon and other products. Furthermore, with the help of this event, you can increase your XP and levels up easily in Pokémon go.

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