August 2022 Alsina Jada {March 2022} Secret Revealed!

Latest News August 2022 Alsina Jada

This news is a complete insight into the details revealed for the past relationship and viral video regarding August 2022 Alsina Jada.

Have you heard about the confession made by Will Smith and the Oscar fiasco? If not yet, read below for more information!

Users Worldwide have gone crazy about the incident of Will Smith confessing his defense for August Alsina! Likewise, the viral video of Will Smith slapping Chris has created an intense sensation over the internet. Likewise, the awkward Red carpet chart about the entanglement of Wilson aslina is all over the news.

Reebok more about the emotional born and incident of August 2022 Alsina Jada!

August Alsina’s Oscar Incident

August Anthony Alsina jr was born on 3rd September 1992. This American singer and rapper are famous for his Orleans and def jam recording. He was in a romantic affair with Jada Smith.

All the recent happening over the Oscar Fiasco, a clear image of August Alsina and Jada’s toxic relationship was witnessed. So bound by the time he revealed the secret on the stage as the private life force affecting professionalism and his business skills. 

Read below more about the reason for Will Smith knocking topic regarding Jada Smith August Alsina.

Reason For The Dust-Up

In 2015, the relationship between Will Smith and Jada was quite unbalanced. The entanglement of Jada with RnB rappers lead to her divorce from Will Smith. However, they secretly plan to date and have a romantic relationship. Although after a few months of a relationship, he went through a disrespectful and hampering career.

With a chance in 2022 during the Oscars, he wanted to make it clear to the audience and Will Smith that she was toxic to him. However, Will Smith could not accept the private affairs publicly and slapped Cris rock.

August 2022 Alsina Jada Current Relationship

During a show interview on 10 July 2020, Jada Smith revealed her close Relationship with August, the rapper. They addressed the conversation shown on Facebook on the red table talk show. She stated that after the diversion from her husband, she started seeing August with her husband’s permission.

Jaden introduced August to the family, but Will Smith was uncomfortable with this situation. However, she also confirmed that she was unhappy about the obsession and went to Will Smith for reconciliation. For the present situation, Jada states that august is not in touch, and they barely talk to each other about the experience.

Cris Involvement in Jada Smith August Alsina Incident

Chris Rock was the host and comedian for the Oscar on 27 March 2022. After Will Smith received his 94th Academy award, the comedian publicly embarrassed him while talking about her past affairs.

Will Smith crossed the line and slapped him. As a fact, he later apologized for such an act of violence.


In conclusion, we can state that the incident was related to the couple’s personal past affairs and unbalanced journey. However, being a man of etiquette, Will Smith regretted his behavior and apologized on a written note.

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