{Full Video} Arriba Markitos Toys Video Sicario: Is It On Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram?

The article will describe Arriba Markitos Toys Video Sicario details available on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Telegram.

Have you witnessed the Arriba Markitos Toys Video? People from the United States and Mexico are shocked by the latest video controversy that has gathered their attention on the drug trafficking reports. The famous YouTuber Marcos Castro has been linked with illegal trafficking groups, which has brought him under LimeLight.

In this article, we will highlight the details of Arriba Markitos Toys Video Sicario and know the complete information about the incident.

Updates on Arriba Markitos Toys Video Sicario

The famous Youtuber Marcos Castro, also known as Markitos Toys, has gotten attention from people due to the recent controversy that showed his link to various illegal drug trafficking. The YouTuber is known to share videos of his luxurious life and his cars, along with a huge mansion and personal details.

Updates on Arriba Markitos Toys Video Sicario

Marcos is known to help the weaker sections of society financially, and he has not hidden the source of his income and is known to everyone. In the viral video, we can see two young men surrounded by gunmen who were from the trafficking group, and they were forced to chant “Markitos Toys”.

Arriba Markitos Toys Twitter video Details

The viral video shows how the youngsters were assaulted by the gunmen who belong to the Sinaloa drug Cartel. They were forcefully made to chant Marcos’s famous name, and then they brutally cut the ear of one of the young men present there. The video was recorded and shared on social media platforms, but due to its sensitive nature, it has now been removed from all online sources.

Arriba Markitos Toys Twitter video Details

After the scenario, people were sure that Markitos was linked to the drug cartel group. Several people search for the Telegram links to find the complete video. The gunman forced those people to praise him. However, why those two youngsters were attacked is still unknown.

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Is the video available on YouTube?

The viral video is not present on YouTube or any other social media platforms due to the inappropriate content shown in the footage. Youngsters are seen being salted by the gunman, and the whole scenario took place at night when they were forcefully asked to chant Markitos Toys. 

 Arriba Markitos Toys Twitter video has been deleted due to its compassionate nature, and also, it was unsuitable for people below 18 years to watch. The entire video is fierce and heart-wrenching. Markitos Toys is known for his famous YouTube channel, but now, after this incident, it is highly expected that he will lose his fans. 

Video Post on Instagram about Markitos Toys

People were searching for the video after they came across the entire incident on Instagram to find any related posts provided by people online. Unfortunately, there were no such links, videos, or images present on the platform. People are also searching for YouTube links to find video clips, but there are no such videos.

Video Post on Instagram about Markitos Toys

In our further research, we also came to know that Markitos’s cousin and his friend worked in that drug cartel, which proves that Markitos is linked to the organization, too.

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Are there any Telegram links available?

We have not come across any Telegram links available on the website related to the brutal viral video. People were shocked when they started to find the news about the latest incident, and it hurt the feelings of Markitos’s fans. The footage is susceptible, and it is the primary reason why it is not present on Instagram or other public media platforms. 

People are also waiting for his statement regarding the recent brutal attack, but till now, he has not released any information about the current activity. Markitos’s silence on the matter has already made him guilty.

Social media links

Reddit- No link is available.

Twitter- Link is unavailable due to violent content.


We have provided the complete details of the Arriba Markitos Toys Video Sicario incident in this post. The recent activity has taken a significant toll on the YouTuber’s career, and he has been under the radar of officials since the incident happened. The video contains explicit content, and hence, it is not uploaded to any online platforms.


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Disclaimer- We do not intend to hurt the sentiments and feelings of people associated with the information, and the news provided here is taken from online sources.

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