Area Code 289 Scam: What Is This Phone Scams in Canada? Know Details!

The Area Code 289 Scam are on upsurge among the public. Get to grab the entire knowledge before you are caught in this scam.

Have you ever got scammed by any sites or numbers? Do not trust and fall prey to a scam. It offers a luring scheme where people get tricked and lose money. Similar scams are now circulated in the United States and Canada.

The recent Area Code 289 Scam is getting attention now. In this post, we will look at this scam in depth. 

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What is 289 Area code scam?

Across the globe, folks are getting missed calls and texts from a number (289). Some are calling back and responding to the number. Upon study, reports confirm that 289 is the area code. 

The calls and texts were found to be the Area Code 289 Phone Scamswherein they asked for personal details claiming that they were from customer service from a particular company. Read to get more details on this scam in the next section.

More about the 289 scam

If you are also the one who is receiving multiple rings from 289, then do not reply. Many sufferers are sharing their experiences on the internet. They mention that the call charges a certain amount. Some mention the precise cost of 20$.

To avoid this scam, you can block the number on your device. Now, people wonder What Area Code Is 289To know about the area, read below.

Details on 289 Area code

289 is a telephonic area code in Ontario, a Canadian province. Ontario is the surrounding part of the Niagara region.

The 289 codes were first developed in 2001 when people ran out of telephones and communication devices supply. This code is avail to use on mobile phones and landlines. 

This kind of three-digit code marks the identity of a particular telephonic exchange inside the area. The Area Code 289 in Canada is used at the start of the telephone number. The complete telephone number in Canada is organized in the hierarchy system containing an area code at the start, a local exchange number, and a line number.

Why do Scammers use the 289 Area Code?

According to research, many firms and other independent business owners use 289 area codes to promote their businesses. The precise reason for mainly using this code might be varied. Some of the reasons could be because the area code is familiar to the public. Therefore, it has built trust in the community. 

Area Code 289 Scam becomes easy. People doubt if the 289 area code is toll-free. Let us get an answer from the next section.

Is 289 Area Code a toll-free number?

No, the 289 area code does charge any toll. However, the telephone number starting with 289 is considered local, thereby eliminating the long-distance charges. The amount may vary according to the service provider rates in the area.

Other Ontario area codes used for scamming are 905, 249,343, 226, 416, 365, 613, 519, 807, 705, and 647. Hence, it is not just Area Code 289 Scam involved in ongoing scams. So, if you get calls, one ring, or a text starting from this area code, then kindly prevent yourself from get a victim of Credit Card scamming.


I’ve been getting a lot of spam calls lately all 289 numbers all from Mississauga, about 5 today. I know there’s a feature people have that a caller has to press a digit (say 3 or 7) for the call to go through to prevent automatic call spammers. Anyone familiar with this feature or how to get it?
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On a closing note, the 289 area code phone calls and texts must be ignored. Do fall prey to such scammers. Prevent yourself from one of the most trending PayPal scams by reading details on tips to avoid Paypal scams.

What do you want to share on preventing scams? Write down your defense tactics in the comments.  

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