Top 10 Weapons in Apex Legends Season 18

Indeed, a player’s skills come first in a game like Apex Legends, yet having the best meta guns provides the edge against equal opponents. So, knowing the choices and which weapons perform best in the current sandbox is important. Let’s look at the strengths of the statistically most used weapons in Season 18, weigh their pros and cons, and determine if you should start using them right now.


An easy choice in the SMG category, the CAR wins the spot with its high RPM and great close-to-mid-range DPS. It is a delightful weapon to melt enemies at close range and is versatile, as it accepts both Heavy and Light ammo magazines, so you won’t run out. Once you’ve mastered the recoil, there will be no stopping you in its effective range. Don’t worry about the ammo and rain fire on your opponents the entire round.

R-99 SMG

Despite the recent nerfs to its ammo capacity, this is still a powerful weapon for close-range engagements, with a comfortable and easily manageable recoil and great DPS. Even if it’s now outmatched in the gunfights at longer ranges, do not hasten to write it off just yet. Great mobility and deadly close-quarters fire rate will make you a force to be reckoned with, especially if you pair it with a sniper rifle or a shotgun, depending on your playstyle.


A powerful shotgun with a tight pellet spread can dominate the close quarters with precise, accurate shots hitting like a truck. This is one of the best shotguns in the game’s current state and should be respected and feared, especially when paired with the new Disruptor Rounds to destroy enemies’ shields completely. Pairing it with CAR or R-99 SGMs is a great option for a perfect loadout in close to mid-range fights.


If you love precise and deadly weapons, the choice is the one and only Wingman. It is an extremely powerful secondary weapon made to land satisfying precise headshots with the Skullpiercer. While it takes some time to learn the weapon, the results and gameplay feel awesome and worth the time invested in mastering it. And if you want to train efficiently, it’s possible to find a good coach through Apex Legends boosting services and learn trick shots from experienced players.

VK-47 Flatline

Versatile heavy AR with good damage lands a great punch at any distance, even without attachments. Yes, there are similarities to the famous AK-47 line in name and performance, but it is not a copy. Switching from the default iron sight is recommended, as it is unbearable to play with. The recoil is manageable, making it a consistent and well-balanced gun in Season 18.

Nemesis Burst

Nemesis is the latest addition among the ARs and is currently the best this category has to offer. This thing dominates engagements from middle to long range with the speeding-up bursts and increased DPS, with the control being the only thing holding you back. The weapon shoots with 4-round bursts and shoots faster the longer you fire the gun.


There is a good reason why this Carbine is one of the most used weapons in the Apex Legends. This assault rifle features one of the best manageable recoils in the game and is efficient at most ranges, making it a great option for early and even late games. It is consistent and accurate, which makes it a desirable option for any gunfight. Technically, the gun’s stats look like a balance between an assault rifle and the classical SMG, and it’s best to play keeping that in mind and prioritizing close-up fights.

30-30 Repeater

You have what you need if you’re looking for something that can deal accurate and heavy damage in the long range. It is a powerful and accurate marksman rifle, and if paired with some great SMG, your kit will cover all the possible combat ranges. Don’t forget to slap on the Skullpiercer and land some nasty headshots with this old-school firearm.


One may not think of bringing the LMG to the long-range fight, but with the easily manageable recoil and quite heavy-hitting bullets, this Heavy LMG can deal with opponents on any range as long as you can land the shots. Charge this one up with the Thermite, and you get an even more powerful weapon capable of ripping through anything in its way.


The Hemlock AR has returned from the care package drop to the ground loot this season. This 3-round burst AR is an excellent choice for medium-range firefights. While the burst mode can throw you off and takes some time to adapt to, the damage, even slightly compensated, is still the highest in the assault rifle category. With some training, you can delete opponents on close and mid distances.

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