Anime Oasis Shoes Reviews (Dec) Is The Portal Legit?

Anime Oasis Shoes Online Website Reviews

This write-up below will help the willful buyers get ample details for Anime Oasis Shoes Reviews, and here, the readers can get the other information.

Who doesn’t love trendy and fun-looking anime shoes? Most of us want our shoes to be perfect and attractive. Some of us keep an extra space in our hearts for beautiful shoes but do you want to know where such shoes are offered?

One such much loved and currently most talked about anime shoes online store based in the United States and Canada is, and this article will have all the details regarding Anime Oasis Shoes Reviews. So, interested buyers can keep reading.

What is

One can quickly identify from the name of the website that offers vast collections of shoes. The shoe has got anime characters and other attractive designs made on them. The online store has earned the following products:-

  • Anime designed shoes
  • Sneakers
  • Masks

So the online store mainly comprises of the products mentioned above. The online store has got quite attractive-looking products. The site is also offering a specific type of sale, making the website more alluring. A buy one gets one offer is also present for now on this website. So before getting into such traps, the customer should know Is Anime Oasis Shoes Legit? To get clarity on this website, so keep reading.

Specifications for this website:-

  • Domain name-According to the details mentioned, the registration of this domain was done on 05/10/21.
  •  URL-The URL link for the online store is
  • Category-The online shoe store has got various collections of shoes and sneakers.
  • Email-The Mail id to contact to explicit queries of the customers is
  • Address-No physical address is stated for this online shop.
  • Contact no– There are no contact number details available for this website.
  •  Payment Modes- The website accepts payment via Amex, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, Apple pay, etc.
  • Anime Oasis shoes Reviews Customer reviews are present for the products on this website.
  • Return Policy– A seven days timing has been mentioned for the return of the items.
  • Refund Policy- Exact timings for refunds are not available on this website.
  • Exchange Policy- The customers exchange the items on this website within seven days.
  • Shipping Policy- The products available on this website will be shipped between 1 to 7 days.
  •  Delivery Policy-No details regarding the delivery date are mentioned.
  • Social Media Presence- The website has an awful social media presence.

The website’s Positive points:-

The buyers can get clarity on the online shoe store by going through Anime Oasis Shoes Reviews.

The positive points for this website are:-

  • The website deals with some anime-designed shoes and masks at the best price.
  • A buy one gets one offer is available for now on this website.
  • The website looks quite authentic with all the details well specified on it, and the product descriptions are well stated along with each product.

The website’s Negative points:-

The negative points for this website are as follows:-

  • The website has no details regarding its Contact Address.
  • No contact number details are provided on this website.
  • The exact delivery date is not specified for the products.

 Is Anime Oasis Shoes Legit or not?

  • Domain Age- Based on the details, the domain age is 05/10/21.
  •  Trust score- The site has got a trust score of 1%.
  •  Reviews- Customer reviews are available for the products on this website.
  •  Alexa rank- As the site is new, no Alexa rank is mentioned.
  • Plagiarism content- The website has copied content of the sites.
  •  Policies- Few of the policies are not mentioned clearly.
  •  Address’s originality-Contact Address for this website is not provided.
  • Social media Icons $ connection-No social media icons are available on the website.
  • Owner’s Information- No details regarding the owners are present.
  •  Unrealistic Discounts- Presently, a sale is public on this website.

Overall the website looks quite dubious for now.

Customer Anime Oasis shoes Reviews dedicatedly sells Anime Oasis design shoes as well as sneakers. The vibrant colors and designs on these shoes make the products on the website look most attractive. After searching for the customer reviews present on this website, luckily, we have come across many studies.

Most customers have left positive reviews on its website, but we cannot wholly rely on the website reviews. Hence we have searched for many studies on some open platforms, and we have not got any thoughts on any of the available platforms. Also, are you a Victim of Credit card Fraud? Click here to know more about it.


The writing provided on the Anime Oasis Shoes Reviews is to clarify the authenticity of the website. The website deals with quite good-looking products such as anime-designed shoes, Sneakersetc. The interested buyers are suggested to do their research before purchasing from here to avoid a scam. Also, know How to Get A Refund On Paypal If Scammed?

6 thoughts on “Anime Oasis Shoes Reviews (Dec) Is The Portal Legit?

  1. Don’t buy from them… shoes are shit quality. The buy 1 get 1, you only recieve 1 pair. Literally the shoes are made of cardboard….

    1. Hello Snakeman, we feel sad, you did not get the proper order. Buyers, check the reviews, and then proceed. Did you check with them regarding this? Please update. Thanks. Take care.

  2. Bought two pairs from Anime Oasis after seeing good reviews on them. They were having a buy one get one free sale. I only received one pair. I tried contacting them, but when I try to email them it says they can’t receive any emails.

  3. I ordered a pair for my son, still haven’t received order and have sent about 5 emails with no response. Very disappointed complete scam do not order from them. Be careful and stay away

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