Angelina Jolie Tragedy {Sep 2021} Find Her Life History!

Are you curious to know the Angelina Jolie Tragedy life story? Read this post and know what she has been gone through.  

Who wants to know the struggle behind the most beautiful girl Angelina Jolie? If you are curious to know, then scroll down this post and know-how she has achieved success. Angelia Jolie made her debut in 1982 next to his father Jon Voight at the age of seven in a comedy show.  

From that, Angelina has created her big name in the United States and across the globe, not just for her killing look but for the extreme talent she has. Jolie has a big fan base on her Instagram account. Besides all this glory, Angelina Jolie Tragedy is unknown. Let us learn.

Angelina Jolie Biography

Angelina’s real name is Jolie Pitt. She was a well-known United States Actress, director, and American Humanitarian. She has received a number of awards, including the GGA (Golden globe awards) and Academy awards. Also, she is known as the highest-paid actress in the Hollywood industry.

Let us know some facts about her!

  • Name- Angelina Jolie Pitt
  • Birthplace- Los Angeles, California, U.S
  • Birthdate- 4 June, 1975
  • Nationality- American
  • Spouse- Jonny Lee Miller and Billy Bob Thornton
  • Parents- Jon Voight, Chip Taylor, and Barry Voight 
  • Children- six

So, what about Angelina Jolie Tragedy? Continue reading the post and know the answer. 

The Tragic Life Story of Actor and Director Angelina Jolie

On the screen, Angelia looks stunning, and most of us think that she is leading a luxurious life. Well, she is, but no one knows about the struggle and hard times she has faced in her life. There is a list of celebrities whose struggle is not seen by the public eye, as they keep them too private. Fortunately, we came to know the life struggles of Jolie that might inspire you. 

So, this is the Angelina Jolie Tragedy life story. 

Her dad was left when she was one year old

Jon Voight is the stepfather of Jolie’s because her first father left the world. At the evening party, one day Voight met actor’s mother “Beverly Hills” and decided to marry her. Her mother denies Voight’s proposal as she has two kids, but later on, they get married. 

Jolie made her debut in 1982 with her step-dad Voight, and at that time, she spoke to the magazine “The Hollywood reporters” and declared Voight as her official father. In podcast 2017, she spoke that she wasn’t close to her dad and was not comfortable calling him my father. 

Angelina Jolie Tragedy with knife and self-harm

Voight’s brother shared the real concern with Jolie when he reported that she was cutting herself. And in her biography , she has explained everything about this habit. She was fascinated with knives and used to cut herself with knives. The actor has revealed she harm herself during the first relationship. 

The Bottom Line

Angelia Jolie has achieved massive success and fans from across the globe. But besides this success, she had a tragic life story that she explained in her biopic. If you also want to know her story in-depth, then read her biopic. 

Personally, we found Angelina Jolie Tragedy life story that gives lessons to everyone who hates themselves and educates them on how to give the fight against bad circumstances. Are you a fan of Angelina jolly? Drop your answers in the comments. 

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