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If you are searching for the details about an actress, politician and also Andree Boucher Conjoint, do give this article a read to explore the hidden facts.

Have you heard of Andree Boucher before? Who is she? What is the reason behind her death? What has she served the nation with?

These questions are trending over the internet and, people in the United States are searching out about her spouse. Andree has a career related to politics, and she is known for her servings to the nation.

In this article below, we will reveal some facts about her personal life, including the details for Andree Boucher ConjointStay tuned for the updates.

Who is Andree Boucher?

Andree Boucher is a politician, and she has served as the Canadian Politician under the Quebec province. She was appointed as the mayor of the city and served in her role until her death. Before being appointed as the mayor for Quebec City, the politician served as the Sinte Foy city mayor, and she has served in this role from 1985 to 2001.

She also set the record to be the first woman appointed as the municipal political party leader in Quebec province.

Who was Andree Boucher Conjoint?

This is a French phrase, and this stands for the “Andree Boucher Spouse”. Soon after the Politician’s death, the personal and professional life of the Politician is at the hype, with more than half of the people searching out for the same.

Her Spouse, Marc Boucher, is also a Canadian Politician same from the Quebec Province. He was born back in 1937, 31st January and died back on 24th August 2007.

He was from an independent political party. These were all the facts that we can fetch about Andree Boucher Conjoint

Death of Andree Boucher:

The Quebec celebrity artist and Politician have died on 24th August 2007. She died at noon, confirmed by one of her family members. She was 83 years old at the time of her death, as she had been suffering from severe chronic pain for the last few years.

Biography of Andree Boucher:

The actress was born back in 1937. She has attended Laval University for her bachelor’s degree in education. She also has served as a teacher for continuously many years before being a part of politics.

After the death of the renowned Politician Andree Boucher Conjoint and many other related personal and professional life topics for the Politician were being searched by the people.

Available Links on the Internet about Andree Boucher:

Some of the links on the internet are directing to her as an actress, comedian, and Politician. But, most of them, including the Wikipedia link, are about her being a Politician. Also, the Conjoint- the French phrase refers to spouse, directing to politician Andree Boucher only.

Final Verdict:

After thoroughly researching all the links for Andree Boucher and her spouse, we have mentioned all the confirmed and verified details for your clarity about Andree Boucher Conjoint. Andree Boucher Life Details   can also be fetched from this link.

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