{Full Video} Amit Arora Viral Video Leaked Mms: Shiv Sena Politician’s Clip Info!

Learn more about how Shiv Sena politician‘s Amit Arora Viral Video Leaked Mms went viral all over the world in this article.

Are you the person who is interested in knowing about the political controversies and drama happening around you? Then, have you seen the Amit Arora Viral Video Leaked Mms, which is trending all over India and Canada?

In this article, we will expose all the details of the trending video, along with the public statement of the Shiv Sena politician regarding this issue.

About Amit Arora Viral Video Leaked Mms

Amit Arora is the vice president of the Shiv Sena party in the Punjab region. He used to appear in the news tabloids for his controversial behavior, and this time, his private video leaked online, creating many problems for him. 

In that video, Amit Arora seemed to be having intimate moments with an unknown lady where they were completely undressed. Upon viewing the video, everyone was surprised to see the activity of the Shiv Sena leader. 

Amit Arora Shiv Sena Viral Video has been the trending keyword even though the incident happened one month ago. The ripple effects of the incident can be seen even today. 

But presently, the original, uncensored video was removed from the internet as it tarnished the whole Shiv Sena political party image.

Amit Arora Shiv Sena Viral Video and the Public Statement

As his leaked video went viral, Amit Arora organized a press conference, and he explained that the guy found in that video was not him and that it was completely an AI-fabricated one.

He also added that this was the act of the opposition party to gain the people’s votes and create bad emotions towards the Shive Sena party. 

After his public statement, the Amit Arora Politician viral video was removed by the cyber cell of the IT department because it was not only about Amit.

It was related to the whole Shiv Sena party, so the other members acted quickly to remove his leaked video. So, the viewers couldn’t see his intimate video online.

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About Amit Arora Politician

Amit Arora is a member and vice president of the Shiva Sena Party in the Punjab region. He has been rendering his support for many years.

But recently, he was caught under the radar for his corrupt activity in Delhi excise duty, and Amit also underwent controversy for his appearance on a Punjabi song.

He started his career as an activist in 2016, and Amit upgraded to youth wing leader. Presently, Amit Arora, a politician, has become the vice president.

Consequences of the viral video

Amit Arora Viral Video Leaked Mms video triggered the emotions of many people because they are voting for their leaders, believing they are the good ones to rule the country.

Suppose the rulers do this kind of inappropriate activity. In that case, it creates a huge question about their government administration, and the opposition parties are using this chance to dig out all the activities of the Shiv Sena party to the people to regain their support. 

Hence, the Amit Arora Shiv Sena Viral Video created huge turmoil in the Punjab political scenario.


Thus, in this article, we have listed all the important points circling around the Politician Amit. 

Only Amit knows whether that video was fake or real because anything is possible with this AI technology. 

So, the circulation of Amit Arora Viral Video Leaked Mms is punishable as it violates his privacy. So, we advise our readers not to do it. 

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