Amber Cerulean Medallion {March} Talisman in Elden Ring!

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Amber Cerulean Medallion has shared details about the latest talisman in the game and discussed Hackers’ attacks on gamer’s PC.

Elden Ring is a role-playing game that has received acclaim due to its open gameplay. It has done well in three weeks of its release, and players from the United States and Canada have shown great interest.

Some players on Reddit and Twitter are discussing invasion from hackers that are corrupting saved files. In this article, we will try to address the recent incident and discuss Talisman, which will help players increase their FP.

Therefore, read Amber Cerulean Medallion until the end to know everything about this game.

What is the new Talisman in the Elden Ring?

In these types of games, rings were used to increase players’ power to enhance their skills or magic spells. Elden Ring has introduced Talisman in its place, which is of various kinds and is required for different purposes in the game. 

The game’s popularity in countries like the United Kingdom and Australia has allowed it to sell around twelve million copies till now. People are attracted to this game due to its open gameplay and new features. 

Cerulean Medallions are the most sought after talisman as they allow players to enhance magic spells.

Amber Cerulean Medallion and ways to get it:

Most of the talisman available in the game serves their purpose and enhances players’ ability. The most sought after talisman is Amber Medallion, and they are of three types.

  • Regular Medallion – This talisman is the weakest and could be found in Liurnia; players should head along the coast towards the northeast and defeat Bloodhound Knight to get the medallion.
  • Cerulean Medallion +1 – Players can get this medallion by travelling to the northeastern portion of the Eden Ring, within castle Sol. One will have to climb the ladder and kill the Knight to get a +1 medallion.
  • Amber Cerulean Medallion +2 – This is the strongest of all the medallions, and players can use it to boost their focus points. One has to go towards Lunar Estate Ruins and find the hidden staircase.  Get the key and try it on the nearby statue, a chest will open in the basement, and players can get their + 2 medallion.

Hackers Invading Elden Ring Players PC:

According to social media reports, hackers are creating trouble for Elden Ring PC players. They are invading games PCs and corrupting their saved files, which triggers a crash, and on rebooting, they fall into a death trap.

Amber Cerulean Medallion post found that From Software has not commented on this episode. Some players have tried to fix this problem and have succeeded in fixing the problem for the time being.

How should players fix the Current Problem?

  • Players can play their game on PC in offline mode for some time.
  • Try to restore the saved files by spamming the Map keys.
  • Players should try to back up their data till the problem is solved.

Final verdict:

Players should take all the precautionary measures until the developers release a new patch. They can try to get all types of Amber Cerulean Medallion to increase their focus point in the game.

Elden Ring players can share their gaming experiences in the comment section of this post.

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