{Unedited} Alexee Trevizo Pregnant Photos: Who Was Alexee’s Boyfriend? Explore Full Details On Autopsy Photo, And Baby Picture

The article on Alexee Trevizo Pregnant Photos has talked about the chilling case of recent times, read properly.

Do you know the recent case of Alexee Trevizo? What did Alexee do? Why is Alexee Trevizo’s case so serious? Is this investigation ongoing? If you want to see the Alexee Trevizo Pregnant Photos, read this article here; we will provide details along with the photos. People from the United States were deeply shocked about Alexee’s baby-delivering case. 

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Details About the Case

In January, a case happened that shook the whole world; a nineteen years old girl gave birth to a baby in the bathroom of the Artesia General Hospital, and then she threw it in the trash can and left.  

She claimed that her pregnancy was not to her knowledge and did not know what was happening. She got to the hospital after complaining about the back pain. 

Disclaimer: The case is very distressing and disturbing; thus, we suggest our readers read the article with caution. The information would be restricted and filtered to avoid any discomfort to the readers. 

Trending Alexee Trevizo Pregnant Picture Reddit

Now, people on Reddit and every other social media platform post picture of Alexee where she looked pregnant. People also claimed she knew everything and debated how no one could not have known when it was full-term pregnancy. 

During the police investigation, Alexee’s mother reacted as if she did not know she was pregnant. When police came to detain the teenager, her mother could not believe her ears what she was listening to. She even asked a few questions to Alexee about the whole thing, but the nurse intervened in medical treatment of Alexee. 

Proceedings and Autopsy Photo of the Baby

In the bodycam of the police, Alexee can be seen saying that the baby was not crying when she delivered it (referred to the case of stillborn) and that she did not kill the baby. But the autopsy revealed that the baby was alive at the time of the birth. Thus, the death of the baby was due to homicide. 

She was sentenced for first-degree murder and tampering evidence etc. She got arrested and then released after four months on 10th May 2023, against a 100,000 dollar bond because her graduation was due. She even confessed to what she did to her mother. People are also searching for Baby pictures on social media.


The case of a teenager throwing her newborn baby into the hospital’s trash can shook the world. People were shocked to learn the case details; Alexee Trevizo, the accused, was arrested in January but released on 10th May for her graduation. Her lawyer claimed that she didn’t know that she was full-term pregnant. View this bodycam recording of when the police confronted Alexee.

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Updates on the Alexee Trevizo Trending on Instagram: FAQs

Q1. Who is Alexee Trevizo?

A1. Alexee is a nineteen-year-old student arrested for killing and dumping her newborn baby into the trash can.

Q2. What did Alexee do?

A2. On 27th January 2023, Alexee was admitted to the hospital; for her back pain, and she gave birth to a baby in the bathroom of the Artesia General Hospital. Later she dumped the baby in the trash can.

Q3. What is Alexee claiming?

A3. Alexee and her mother claimed that nobody, including Alexee, knew about the pregnancy.

Q4. Who was Alexee’s Boyfriend?

A4. No details are available about her boyfriend.

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