{Unedited} Alexee Trevizo Baby Picture Graphic: Is Baby Autopsy Picture Trash Can Available? Check Trending Photo Updates Here!

Uncover the meaning and significance of the Alexee Trevizo Baby Picture Graphic as we dive into its details, presenting an in-depth analysis that is accessible and engaging.

Why is everyone so upset about a picture of a baby circulating on the internet? People from all over the world, including the United States, are feeling shocked and speechless. The picture shows graphic content, making everyone curious about what happened to the baby. 

This article will explain why the Alexee Trevizo Baby Picture Graphic is so disturbing and provide information about the baby’s situation. We aim to help you understand the reasons behind the chaos surrounding this widely discussed and troubling photograph.

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About the Alexee graphic picture

The young girl Alexee Trevizo became famous online when she was charged with first-degree murder for allegedly putting her baby in a hospital trash can.

After this incident, a graphic picture of Alexee’s baby Trash Can Photo started spreading online and became very popular. This resulted in the baby’s death. People who saw these pictures found them disturbing and shocking.

Some people think the pictures are real, while others believe they are fake. Some even suggest that people purposely collect upsetting baby photos to get attention. But we don’t know where the widely shared baby picture originated.

The investigation on Alexee Trevizo

On January 27, the investigation started at Artesia General Hospital’s emergency room in New Mexico. They arrested Trevizo on May 10, but she was later out on a $100,000 bond, which allowed her to be present in her graduation ceremony. 

Recently, Baby Picture Trash Can got tremendous attention on social platforms. Additionally, the police shared body camera footage showing Trevizo confessing to her crime in front of her mother. 

How did Alexee’s crime start?

Upon investigation, certain hierarchies, in this case, were jotted by the officers. They reported that the story began in December 2022 when Alexee Trevizo went to Artesia General Hospital due to severe back pain. After being treated, she was sent home. However, she returned to the hospital a few weeks later with the same problem.

Hospital staff reported that Trevizo gave birth to a baby inside a locked bathroom and allegedly left the newborn in a trash can before leaving.

Baby Autopsy Report

Doctors who performed an autopsy confirmed that the baby’s death was a homicide. During the examination, they discovered air in the baby’s lungs, indicating that the baby had taken breaths before passing away. This evidence from the autopsy ruled out the possibility of a stillbirth.

Social media Links 


There is no official information to confirm whether the circulating baby picture is of Alexee’s baby.

The pictures were removed from social platforms because they contained disturbing content. Therefore, it is uncertain whether the images truly depict Alexee’s baby.

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Alexee Trevizo Baby Picture Graphic–FAQ

Q1. Is Alexee under police custody?


Q2. Is there a Reddit thread discussing the Alexee Trevizo baby picture?

Reddit users engaged in intense discussions about the incident after watching the unedited footage, with one expressing deep concern about the level of force used by law enforcement. 

Q3. Can a reader find videos featuring the Alexee Trevizo baby picture on social media?


Q4. Did Alexee get sentenced for this crime?

No, not yet. It is still in the hearing stage.

Q5. Where can a reader find the source or creator of the Alexee Trevizo Baby Picture Graphic?

There is no definitive source or creator associated with it.

Q6. When is the next hearing?

The pretrial hearing is on 11th September 2023. The trial is scheduled to take place on 2nd October 2023

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