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Adreian Payne College Stats and career stats are the most searched term after his death. Let us read here for more information on this basketball player.

Do you know who Adreian Payne was? Want to know how he died? His followers and teammates are still shocked after hearing the news of his death. People across the United States and other parts of the earth want to know more about him. So, if you used to follow him, read this post where we talk about him, Adreian Payne College Stats, and how did he die?

What happened to Adreian Payne?

Adreian Payne, a former state star, was shot and died early morning on May 9 2022, in Orlando, Florida. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the news of his death. After getting shot, he was initially admitted to the hospital, where the doctor said he was dead.

Immediate action was taken, and a man named Dority Lawrence was arrested for a first-degree murder charge and taken to jail after inquiry. The investigation is underway to know the reason behind such a brutal act. All the details are taken from online sources and just presented by us.

Adreian Payne NBA Stats-

In 2014, Payne was picked No. 15 by the Atlanta Hawks NBA Draft. He only stayed with the team for one season and then joined the Minnesota Timberwolves for three seasons. Moreover, he appeared in five games with the Orlando Magic in 2017-18.

Year Team GP GS FG% 3P% FT% PPG RPG
2014-2015 Atlanta 3 0 .286 .000 .500 1.7 1.3
2014-2015 Minnesota 29 22 .418 .125 .659 7.2 5.4
2015-2016 Minnesota 52 2 .366 .281 .654 2.5 2.1
2016-2017 Minnesota 18 0 .426 .200 .737 3.5 1.8
2017-2018 Orlando 6 0 .700 .667 .833 4.2 1.8
career 107 24 .406 .254 .680 4.0 2.9

Adreian Payne College Stats-

Now, let us look at the college stats of Adreian Payne:

Season Age College G FG 3PA FTA TRB PTS
2010-11 19 Michiganst 34 34 1 35 80 85
2011-12 20 Michiganst 37 98 2 89 157 259
2012-13 21 Michiganst 36 137 42 105 273 379
2013-14 22 Michiganst 31 178 104 138 225 509
Career 138 447 149 367 735 12

Who was Adreian Payne?

Adreian Payne was an American professional basketball player born on February 19, 1991. He played college basketball for Michigan State University, as mentioned above in Adreian Payne College Stats, as well as NBA for several teams in his career history. Payne announced his retirement from basketball in September, citing his 4-year-old son Amari’s need for a brain operation. He added that basketball was not that important, but his family was.


Adreian Payne was shot dead yesterday, and most of us are shocked by hearing this news and want to know more about him. If you are interested in knowing about Adreian Payne career stats, bio, and more, you can read here. What do you have to say on Adreian Payne College Stats? Comment below and let us know.

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