Addressing Drug Addiction – A Helping Hand

If you are seeking help for yourself or for your known ones for treating your addiction, you reached out at the right place.

We appreciate those taking initial steps and making efforts towards treatment. Here, we at California detox welcome people from every walk of life. We would be proved as a safe shelter welcoming refuge for you and your loved ones. You must be familiar with every type of service available out there so that you can get the right support throughout your journey in giving a strong fight to your addiction and getting away from it. 

What and how does the Drug and Alcohol Rehab work?

Putting the first stone of the foundation towards building the recovery process progressive

Our is a Luxury Rehab centre, a place where Drug and Alcohol treatment is a program designed specifically to determine the needs of our clients and can be tailored as per the individual care. We believe that specialized programs are highly effective and influential in treating addiction to drugs and alcohol. We allow you with a team for the time duration of your stay in rehab. The medical team will be there to assist you throughout your journey to encourage, support, and guide you. People who have an addiction to alcohol get treatment differently than those dealing with addiction to drugs. We work really hard with you until you achieve your motive for being here, that is – Maintaining Lasting Sobriety.

Why choose us?

There is no one-size-fits-all policy. Hence, we facilitate you with tailored (customized plan) programs in accordance with individual needs.

We offer you diversified treatment solutions run from detox to inpatient program to outpatient program. It does not matter how severe the addiction you have. A rehab centre will guide you on the right path. Joining a rehab is a courageous move. A medical expert will do a recovery program, determine your needs, and inform you what a patient should expect at the centre.

The program will begin with an assessment by expert medical personnel; the purpose of the assessment is to figure out the history associated with addiction to the substance and, at the same time, find out if there is any pre-existing history of any medical condition that exists, such as mental health.

In the next step, we offer you LUXURY MEDICAL DETOX, which is very helpful for an individual to withdraw the substance from the body slowly and will bring you back to a body with a normal functioning state. I highly recommend it. The time of detox to work differs for everyone as it depends upon what type of substance an individual was taking and for how long. Once the substance is out of the body, we begin with the treatment program.

The last step that is essential to take is therapy. A counsellor and therapist will conduct sessions. What kind of therapy one will get largely depends on the circumstances.


  • How to figure out if I need rehab?

Answer: Just by looking at some alarming signals, one can find out if they need rehab or not, such as:

  • Physical dependence: experiencing anxiety or cravings(withdrawal symptoms) when not taking the substance.
  • Despite wanting to stop consuming any substance, but could not.
  • Losing interest in a hobby you once enjoyed or anything you loved doing.
  • Relationship issues with close ones or anger issues in everything.
  • Running away from responsibilities.
  • Unable to carry on your daily activity without taking the substance.
  • Increasingly needs a high dose of substance to feel tolerance or to feel the desired effects.
  • Would a rehab also help in treating mental issues?

Answer: Yes, some do. You just have to find out. Reach out to a rehab that provides you with dual diagnosis treatment, which means a person is addicted to a substance and also dealing with mental health issues.

  • How long does a rehab program last?

Answer: Rehab is generally a minimum period starting from 30 days, to 45, 60,  to a maximum of 90 days. To determine what period you need to stay there consider by the specialist looks at various factors such as:

  • How severe the condition is.
  • How long have you been dealing with addiction?
  • What type of substance are you taking?
  • Whether one is having any mental issues.
  • How does an inpatient program differ from an outpatient program?

Answer: In an inpatient program, one will stay on the premises of the rehab for a certain period, while in the outpatient program, one has to attend regular sessions for treatment while staying back at home.

  • If a pregnant woman goes to rehab?

Answer: Pregnant women can also join a rehab programme. There are highly classified reputed treatment centres. There are centres especially designed for pregnant women who need parental care or postpartum care and support.

Final words

Drug and Alcohol Rehab at California detox by Laguna Beach helps every person, no matter what caste creed, colour or culture they come from, to become the best version of themselves.

If you are seeking treatment, feel free to reach us; we will be happy to help. Contact us, and our admission team will gladly respond to you in no time. After clearing all your doubts, the admission will initiate treatment, determining which program best suits you within a minute or two. As soon as possible, our specialist will draw out a personalized programme for you so you can start your recovery journey towards addiction addiction-free life as soon as possible. 

To learn more, feel free to call us today; we would be highly obliged.

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