Accident Val Alain {June} Find What Really Happened!

This article shares all the details of Accident Val Alain and further detail on the victim’s mother’s statement on the accident.

Have you heard about the tragic accident in Val –Alain? Do you know the entire incident? If not, then this is what you need to know. A tragic collision has taken place in Val-Alain this Monday. The news has become the talk of the town in Canada.

So today, in this article, we will cover the recent Accident Val Alain and further details about the victims. To know more, read the blog below.

Details on Val-Alain Fatal Accident:

The recent news of the fatal accident in Val-Alain has left everyone stunned. As per sources, the two victims were riding in Suzuki Vitara. The accident took place at 10:30 pm this Monday. The accident happened at the intersection of Rue Principale road and 3e rang near Du Chene River Bridge. The victim was riding the car at high speed, and the car crossed over the river and hit the stone on the other side of the river and initially caught fire. As per the findings of the Accident Val Alain 20 Juin 2022, the car’s speed was around 50km/hr, which the victims met with the accident. 

While the investigation is still going on to reveal the reason behind such a fatal accident, the victim’s mother also knew that such an incident was likely to happen. We have shared further details on the victim’s mother’s statement below.

Victim’s Identity on Val-Alain accident:

The tragic accident near the Chene River took the life of two victims who were husband-wife. The incident made their kids orphans. According to reports, the victims had two children. Although the victim’s identities were not properly disclosed, as per the reports on Accident Val Alain, It is said that among the two victims, one of them was Derek Marcoux, who was 32 years old. At the same time, the other victim was his wife, Lydia Dufour. The accident took place this Monday. It was estimated that the car had passed over the river before it could hit the rocks opposite the river, where the car caught fire.

The case is being enquired properly to understand the real reason behind such a fatal accident, while the victim’s mother was also seen at the accident spot the next day. Where she revealed the probable reason behind such an accident. We have shared her statement just below.

Victim’s mother’s statement on Accident Val Alain:

After the tragic accident occurred on Monday close to the intersection of the Rue Principale street and 3e rang. Derek Marcoux’s mother, Sandra Tardif, was spotted in the incident in the afternoon on Tuesday. The mother of the victim revealed that it was a voluntary act of her son. She added that her son was willing to die and wished to join her daughter, who passed away last October, as she believes it was a voluntary act by her son. Please note that all mentioned details are taken from the web only.

Summing up:

The Accident Val Alain was quite fatal, while the victim’s mother believes it was a voluntary act. This article provides all the information. And to know more about the Val-Alain accident, click on this link. 

Are you aware of the fatal accident in Val-Alain? Comment your opinions.

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