A Juneteenth Bank Holiday in 2022 {June} Reveal Facts!

Latest News A Juneteenth Bank Holiday in 2022

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Do you know about the Juneteenth Holiday? Do you want to know details about the holiday? Please read this article carefully to know all the information about this holiday.

Last year, Joe Biden, the president of the United States, declared Juneteenth, June 19, as an official holiday including A Juneteenth Bank Holiday in 2022. Here, in this article, we will discuss the background and importance of this day and further facts related to it.                             

Know The Holidays Facts

When Major General, Gordon Granger, declared Order Number 3, which told the liberation of the enslaved people. On 1st January 1863, Abraham Lincoln declared for Proclamation for the Emancipation.

Before issuing this order, the people of this place did not know they were free. They knew it through Gordon Granger 2 years later. Now anyone could wish the 19th June as “Happy Juneteenth” as it is declared as the Federal Holiday.

About Is Juneteenth a National Holiday in 2022

In17th June 2021, Biden declared June 19 as a national holiday by passing a law. Bypassing the law, the Biden government pursued the rule of 47 states already recognized by all of them. This special day is celebrated as a holiday as it is one of the most important days. This day is celebrated as the day of ending slavery. 

This day is seen as Emancipation Proclamation. This year, June 19 falls on Sunday so the holiday will be on Monday. Juneteenth has been declared a holiday since last year, but this day has had its historical significance since 1865.

A Juneteenth Bank Holiday in 2022

As June 19 will become Sunday, all the offices, including banks, will be closed on Monday, the day after June 19. Let us see the places which will be closed to celebrate Juneteenth.

  • Offices Of The Government: As June 19 will become Sunday, all the government offices will be closed on Monday, June 20.
  • Offices In Districts: To celebrate Juneteenth, District Offices Will be closed.
  • USPS: The Post offices will be closed on June 20. 
  • Libraries: No services will be available in Libraries. It will be closed on June 20. So, we have the answer to the trending question: Is Juneteenth a National Holiday in 2022?
  • Service For Waste Things Pickup And Recycling: This service will not be stopped on that date. 
  • Banks: According to the sources, banks will be closed on June 20 across the country.
  • Tennis Courts: Tennis courts in the southern area will be open from 9 AM -4 PM. Tennis courts in other places will be closed. 
  • Call Centre: Call centres will be closed on Monday.
  • Memorial Parks: Parks will be open partly.
  • Covid Vaccination Centre: Closed On Monday.


Though this day was officially declared an important day last year, it has been important for more than a hundred years. This article deals with the historical background and the celebration of the: A Juneteenth Bank Holiday in 2022.

To the Americans, the day is of tremendous importance. What is your view about Juneteenth? Share your thoughts below. To know more about Juneteenth, click here. 

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