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Please review the 99 Dollar Social Job Reviews article to clarify the company’s legitimacy. Read to know more.

Have you ever heard of the 99 Dollar social job? Do you want to know about the details of the company? Are you eager to learn about the legitimacy, trust score and many more details related to the company? Then, read the written article to clarify your doubts about the company trust.

99 Dollar Social Jobs is an entrepreneur offering jobs in the United States. The company has been serving the nation for the last ten years. Let us highlight the company’s particulars with the 99 Dollar Social Job Reviews.

Specifications regarding legitimacy.

  • The Customer reviews: The company gained reviews on their official website. We can find reviews on the official site and other reliable websites which give it a good rating of 4+. Also find few reviews on social sites and all are almost positive.
  • Website Age: The portal age is over ten years. (Developed Date: 25th March 2012)
  • Trust Score of Website: The website has earned an excellent trust score from the customers. The trust rate is 80%.
  • Ranking in Alexa: The website has scored an Alexa rank of 329543.
  • Social Media Connection:  the portal connected to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

We can find the site legit from the above reviews, but still more left to explore. Let us move with query Is 99 Dollar Social Job Legit for further clarification.

Details of 99 Dollar Social Job service.

It is a digital marketing browser with a low-cost social media platform. The company was founded in 2012 and served in North America. Still, the company has served 1500 customers in their ten years of the term.

The company works with full-time content editors who are scholars in the two languages, namely, English and Spanish. The company accepts the questionnaire from the client and allocates it to the content specialist. They will research the client’s firm and create articles and blog posts on the 99 Dollar Social Job Reviews site that helps attract more audiences.

Let us move into details of the company with pros and cons before concluding the opinion on the service.

Positive points

  • The company offers an affordable price for firms to select plans for their business posts. There is a $99 plan per month for the short form of a post on various social media posts.
  •  The company would offer you a 14-day money-back policy if the client were unsatisfied with the work.
  • The firm can choose the timings for the posts on social media. They will post between 9:00 am and 3 pm if they have not mentioned it.

 Cons based on 99 Dollar Social Job Reviews

  • The company do not entertain posting on special occasions or topics if urgent. You need to appeal before seven to ten days.
  • The company does not give free service for the clients to view the posts and must pay an extra $49 per month.

We have shared with you both the pros and cons of the company and some specific details of the company. Based on the trust score and reviews on other sites, the site seems to be legit.

Note: All the information obtainable in the article is from the web.


We presented you the 99 Dollar Social Job Reviews as per our research. Customers can invest in the company website and also go through the reviews available on the site. Click on the 99 Dollar official website 

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