711 Free Slurpee Day 2022 {July} Interesting Facts Here!

Latest News 711 Free Slurpee Day 2022

Read the 711 Free Slurpee Day 2022 article to get complete information about how to redeem the free Slurpee on Slurpee Day. 

Happy news to lovers of candy for getting free Slurpee. Kids, along with elders, are eagerly waiting for the 711 days. Do you want to know the details of Slurpee day celebrations? Want to know how to earn free Slurpee? Then, we are here to provide you with the details about 711 Slurpee Day. Read the article without distraction.

People in the United States and Canada are most excited to end their summer heat with cool Slurpee. Let us move into the details about the 711 Free Slurpee Day 2022 Canada celebration.

National Slurpee Day

 On July 11 of every year, it is National Slurpee Day. 7 Eleven took pride in celebrating the end of summer days from the scorching heat with a cool ice drink with various flavours.

Canada has earned its place first in the sale of Slurpee, nearly 30 million in a year. After the comeback of Slurpee day, which got canceled last two years due to a pandemic, 7 Eleven stores announced free Slurpee for its customers. For the first time, the offer was available in all the stores of 7 Eleven, stripes, and speedway. The customers are in doubt Is 7-11 Giving Out Free Slurpees 2022?

More about Slurpee Day

7 Eleven stores officially announced it was their 95 birthday, so they decided to make their customers worldwide happy with free Slurpee drink make their day cool. You can grab free Slurpee everywhere but the locations excluding Hawaii.

The vice president and chief marketing officer of 7Eleven Marissa Jarratt said they are thrilled to celebrate the birthday Slurpee drink on all their banners. You can redeem the offer in-store or via 7NOW delivery service on July 11.

Most customers are surprised at the offer and search on the internet Is It Free Slurpee Day at 711? We are here to answer their query and learn how to redeem the free Slurpee.

How to redeem a free Slurpee drink on July 11?

You can earn the free Slurpee either online or using the app. Customers need to download 7 Eleven or Speedway app from the google play store or App store. If not can use via online at Speedyrewards.com or 7 Rewards.com.

Customers are provided with small Slurpee drink cups used to refill after the drink. You can fill Slurpee again by just paying $1 for each cup.

7/11 Slurpee Prices 2022

7 Eleven stores have launched a $1 party snack for customers. All the snacks are available at $1 for this day. The food products include in its price lists below;

  • Ring Donuts-$1
  • Muffins- $1
  • 10 Mini Tacos-$1
  • Pizza Slices-$1

Many more offers on drinks and premium chocolates. A large range of varied flavours, likely 300 from sweet to sour taste. Sweet flavour includes Vanilla, 7 Element, and sour flavour includes Warhead and sour Apple. Exotic flavours have Mango, Lychee, and more. People are getting stunned by the offer ranging wide variety. 

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The 711 Free Slurpee Day 2022 article provides information about the free Slurpee and how to grab the offer, along with prices. Click here for the official 7 Eleven Store

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